Esports Gym is set to open May 19 in Tokyo, with the intention of offering professional esports training.

11:47, 03 May 2021

Ever wanted to hone your skills in the esport of your choice, but had no professional help? Then never fear, because the Esports Gym is (almost) here!

Get professional advice and training from esports pros from May 19, when the first-ever Esports Gym opens in the Akabane neighbourhood of Kita Ward, in the northern part of Tokyo.

Becoming an esports pro takes constant dedication, motivation, and skill, but the pay-off can be huge - in the millions of dollars for S-Tier tournaments, which includes prize money as well as sponsorships or org signings.

Japan’s first-ever esports training gym opening is huge for the industry, and partners in the venture, Tokyo Metro, Inc. and Gecipe, hope to facilitate a community where “anyone and everyone can enjoy serious esporting whenever they want”.

Japan Esports Gym

The Esports Gym has all the latest features needed to grind to a pro-level, including twelve gaming PCs, gaming chairs, and headsets. The gaming PCs will have all the top games in Japan installed, including VALORANT, League of Legends, Identity V, Rainbow Six Siege, and Puyo Puyo Champions.


The gym will offer paid coaching sessions (either in-person or online) as well as casual slots, with coaches from champion teams such as Crest Gaming, Glory be esports, and Delta. Advanced students even have the chance to try out for Crest Gaming!

Membership options are also available, with daily access to PCs in 3-hour time slots for 5,500 yen a month. Add coaching from a pro esports player to that, and it'll cost you another 2,750 yen per hour. Casual slots can also be booked for three hours at a time, at a cost of 1,430 yen.

Tokyo Metro, Inc. and Gecipe have big plans for their Esports Gym, including adding more services and opening more locations, so keep your eye on their next offering, and maybe sign up for a pro session.



Images via PR Times |  Esports Gym

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