The well needed season 4 release this week had a new legend, but could it work competitively?

19:45, 09 Feb 2020

Apex Legends Season 4 was released earlier this week, to near-universal praise from the community. The patch notes were well-thought-out and extensive while, at the same time, not game-breaking. All of the additions in the new season seem to be enjoyed by the masses too. The Sentinel sniper is a blast to use, especially when charged with a shield battery. However, perhaps the best aspect of Season 4 is the new legend, Revenant. Incredibly rewarding and fun to use, Revenant is already a fan-favourite in the standard playlist. But, can the same be said for Ranked?

Why Revenant Should Be Used in Ranked 

Looking at Revenant’s abilities, it’s no wonder why so many players have started to use him as their main legend. All three aspects - passive, tactical, and ultimate - of his abilities are viable in just about every situation. 

Although, the same can be said about many of the characters currently in Apex Legends - that doesn’t mean they’re used often in Ranked play. Legends like Bloodhound have useful traits about them but Ranked requires the best of the best in order to have success. 

So, is Revenant a viable option for Ranked in Apex Legends? Our estimation is yes. A slew of professional players has already stated that they plan to keep testing out Revenant in scrimmages and Ranked play. Also, with the way his abilities are aligned, it just makes sense for Revenant to be selected. 

Apex Legends Renevant abilities

His passive ability, Stalker, is extremely beneficial when you’re in a close gunfight and need to climb away to heal. Silence, Revenant’s tactical ability, is another handy tool if you find yourself needing to put some space between you and an enemy. It also can be somewhat of a replacement for grenades, which can free up an inventory slot. 

Lastly, Revenant’s ultimate ability Death Totem is perhaps the best ultimate in Apex Legends. Essentially, Death Totem is a free chance to deal damage to an enemy with no fear of being eliminated. Of course, if you do run out of health while the ultimate is active, you are sent back to the totem with almost no health. 

However, Revenant’s ultimate is extremely useful for your team as a whole. With all of these aspects paired together, it’s not difficult to see why Revenant should be selected for Ranked play in Apex Legends.

Images via Respawn Entertainment

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