Joe Cecot, CEO of Infinity Ward has claimed that the Warzone parachute glitch can'r be fixed until mid-Season 5

16:08, 30 Jul 2020

Warzone has played host to some of the most entertaining Call of Duty gameplay for years, attracting over 70 million players worldwide. Despite its captivating game-style, Warzone's downfall lies within its bugs - one of these being the exasperating parachute glitch. For those that aren't familiar with the bug, popular streamer TimTheTatman sums it up perfectly...

The glitch has meant that players will randomly deploy a parachute - despite only being a centimetre from the ground - meaning that you're gunless and often results in your character's death. The glitch has been in the game alongside countless other such as falling down ladders and the Gas Mask animation, however, Infinity Ward has finally spoken out about it, nearly six months after being released. 

In response to Tim's tweet, the CEO of Infinity Ward, Joe Cecot, has stated that "We had been spot-fixing this issue in the geometry but map tweaks and updates would cause more locations to become problematic. Asked Code to have a look at it and they have a fix we're going to put into test. It should be in the mid-season 5 update if all goes well!", a message that is music to our ears, despite the time frame. 

It does look like we are stuck with the Warzone parachute glitch for a couple more weeks, with Season 5 set to start on August 4. The mid-season update will be similar to the Modern Warfare Season 4 Reloaded update that included the Cheshire Gardens map, with the mid-season update likely coming in early September. Only a month to go enduring the painful bug.

Warzone is set to carry on into Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War, so even if this may seem a lifetime away until the bug is fixed, it's better late than never, ready for the new map and guns that are set to be implemented in Treyarch's Warzone takeover.


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Image Via Activision

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