It’s time to ‘ignite’ the Ignition Series

10:56, 31 Jul 2020

Let's get ready to rumble as VALORANT's Mandatory.GG Cup returns to Europe as part of the Ignition Series. Featuring some of the best European teams out there, this is sure to be one to watch. Better yet, it kicks off tonight!

The Mandatory.GG Cup is coming to the official Valorant Twitch channel on July 31 and will run until August 2. Following a successful first edition where team Fish123 beat the other 127 teams to claim the grown, the Mandatory.GG Cup is taking it up a notch.

This time, there's a gruelling 128-team Open Bracket, with six qualifying teams taking on the 26 who've already been invited. The 32 will go head-to-head for a prize pool of €15,000. 

Ignition Series

Mandatory also has its own team embedded in the ranks, but you'll have to stay tuned to see how far they get. Kicking off from 8pm to 12am, today's schedule includes, 64th, 32th, 16th and 8th final in BO1. Tomorrow (Saturday, August 1) is quarter final and semi-final in BO3 from 3pm to 12am, followed by Sunday's final in BO5 from 7pm to 12am. In the event of a tie match of 12-12, overtime will be played. 

Elsewhere, the Mandatory.GG will see the debut of Rix.GG's newly launched VALORANT team. Rix.GG signed ROYALS with a roster including Harry "DPS" MacGill, Captain Jack "kpiz" Pragnell, Tautvydas "hype" Paldavicius, Brandon "weber" Weber and Russel “Russ” Mendes. They were ranked as 25th in the world as ROYALS, meaning the pressure is on.

Ignition Series

Founder and managing director Jamie Lewis said, "I created Rix.GG to give incredibly talented players a chance to reach the top, and I am excited to have found a British roster with bags of potential. With the right support and a lot of hard work, I’m confident this team can compete at the very highest level of Valorant esports". 

Riot has teamed up with over 20 countries for the Ignition Series - aiming to try and create a global ecosystem. The Mandatory.GG is described as a "real" esports event, with the only conditions of entering being an account on a European server and to be Platinum 1 rank or higher in VALORANT'S in the ranked mode. Either way, the event has teased that it will bring together the best players in Europe and see them duke it out for the prize fund. Watch this space...

Images via Mandatory.GG Cup | Riot Games

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