Hypothetical Pathfinder Passive Buff Could Revive MRVN

Hypothetical Pathfinder Passive Buff Could Revive MRVN
Respawn Entertainment

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Jack Marsh


26th Oct 2021 17:10

The days of MRVN Supremacy are long gone in Apex Legends, thanks to many mechanical meddling on Pathfinder's abilities. 

Having once been a legend crucial to any team, alongside the elusive Wraith, Pathfinder's pick rate has plummeted in recent seasons, especially with the introduction of Valkyrie whose kit boasts a quick getaway, much like Pathfinder's grapples. 

Despite being the third most picked legend by Master/Predator ranked players, the savvy robot has been rather neglected further down the pecking order and in casual lobbies. However, one fan has carved out a genius passive buff that would allow MRVN to be much more valuable to players. 

As a Scout legend, recon is one of Pathfinder's selling points, being able to use beacons to pinpoint the next circle, allowing for calculated rotations and positioning for his team. Since this passive was ripped from Pathfinder's grasp and shared with the likes of Bloodhound and Seer, a fan has suggested that Pathfinder could be given a little boost by being to locate the first ring of action from within the dropship.

Reddit User "zips_exe" suggested that a buff to his passive could be the ability to hack into the dropship's mainframe, typical of his kit and personality, resulting in the reveal of the first circle of the game. This would allow teams to tactically choose their landing spots and looting paths for a game. He is a Path-finder, after all...

Other users suggested that he should be able to destroy his own ziplines after a certain amount of time, although this would directly impact his in-game performance and open up many avenues for traps and bugs with his kit. 

The suggested buff would see Pathfinder become much more adept for every player, not just those at higher ranks. 

As a sweetheart of Apex Legends, it's hard to think why Respawn Entertainment wouldn't consider making MRVN slightly happier. 

As for the legend meta as a whole, Pathfinder could plummet even further with the addition of Ash, whose kit appears to be one of the most exhilarating yet. Once Season 11 kicks off, she's bound to be the queen of the new map.


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