After its beta closes on August 2, Ubisoft has confirmed the full Hyper Scape release for consoles and PC will come on August 11.

14:38, 31 Jul 2020

Hyper Scape, the most recent battle royale game made by esports giants Ubisoft, is launching the full game on August 11. The free-to-play high action shooter will be available on Xbox, Playstation and PC, as Season 1 launches as "The First Principle".

The beta will end on August 2, leaving nine days for Ubisoft to fully prepare the launch, with a range of new features to be added, such as weapons and 'hacks'.

With The First Principle, a 100-tier Battle Pass will be released where players can unlock weapons, character skins, XP boosts, and more. Furthermore, a new in-game Melee event will occur, and a limited-time game mode will be introduced.


The new weapon that will be introduced will be called the 'Dragonfly' which brings the total guns up to 11, all of which can be 'fused' up to four times to create more powerful versions. In the same light, the new hack will be 'Magnet' which can be 'fused' up to four times as well.

As the PC beta ends, Hyper Scape has introduced cross-progression, which allows you to keep your progress thus far should you wish to switch to console, keeping all of your unlocked items and XP. You can also unlock rewards without playing the game before its release. By watching the closed beta on Twitch this weekend, you can earn up to 30 tiers of unlockable rewards which you will be granted when you first load the game. 

There is also opportunity to earn 600 Bitcrowns, the in game currency, before the release on August 11. People who open the game to play, or watch a 'Crowncast-enabled' live stream through Twitch will earn this reward as an added boost before the full launch.

Stay tuned at GGRecon for more Hyper Scape news and guides on the frantic first-person shooter.


Image via Ubisoft

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