Were The Hyper Scape Gun Designs Inspired By Apex Legends?

Were The Hyper Scape Gun Designs Inspired By Apex Legends?

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Coleman Hamstead


24th Aug 2020 16:30

Games in the Battle Royale genre are no stranger to comparisons. The genre is still somewhat new and constantly evolving. Different games take different ideas from each other all the time. 

With the release of Hyper Scape on August 11, 2020, the comparisons came flying in. Common sense tells you that the first comparison drawn would be to Apex Legends. Both games are futuristic, fast-paced, and have a high time-to-kill (TTK). 

The community noticed right away that a bunch of the guns in Hyper Scape bore a conspicuous resemblance to the guns found in Apex Legends. These guns are not only similar in looks, but in how they operate and perform in-game. 

So, did Hyper Scape copy weapon designs from Apex Legends? Or is it just a coincidence? Be the judge for yourself.

Hyper Scape Apex Legends
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Riot One vs Wingman

These two revolver-style pistols have striking similarities. On the outside, they share the same futuristic mould, with sleek silver plating forming the exterior. Side by side, it’s hard to tell that they aren’t the same weapon.

Gameplay-wise, they perform almost identically. Both are single-fire pistols that deal high damage per shot. Both weapons can be used effectively at short and long ranges. Heavy recoil, small magazine sizes, and the need for precision mean that these weapons are very high risk, high reward. The Wingman and Riot One are both considered the best weapons in their respective games in the hands of a marksman. However, in unskilled players hands, the pistols are nearly useless. You’ll find that players tend to either love or hate these two pistols.

The Riot One has a six bullet magazine and can three-shot enemies to the head at max fusion. When it comes to body shots, the Riot One only takes four shots to kill (except at the lowest fusion levels).

The Wingman is very similar in this regard. It has a five-eight bullet magazine contingent on the tier of the Extended Mag attached to it. The Wingman takes three-five body shots and two-three headshots to kill, depending on the health of the target.

These two iconic pistols are staples of their respective games. Considering the similarities, it’s hard to imagine that the Riot One didn’t draw some inspiration from the Wingman.

Hyper Scape Apex Legends
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Ripper vs R-301 Carbine

The Ripper and the R-301 Carbine both fit the role of the standard assault rifle. Fully-automatic weapons capable of performing at all ranges - the jack-of-all-trades weapon. 

Side by side, these two assault rifles look near identical. They both share visible attributes down to the minute detail.

Performance-wise, both assault rifles play the same role - solid overall weapons with few drawbacks. They may not be the most potent weapon in the game, but they are both easy to use and perform well in almost all situations. For this reason, new players tend to gravitate toward them.

The Ripper has a 23-36 round mag size based on the fusion level. It does 12-14 damage to the body and 18-21 damage to the head. The R-301 Carbine’s magazine capacity ranges from 18-28 and deals 14 damage to the body, 28 to the head. Both assault rifles have minimal recoil with high rates of fire. 

When you picture the assault rifle of the future, the Ripper and R-301 models come to mind. It’s definitely possible that the developers thought up the designs of these guns separately, but the likeness is still apparent.

Hyper Scape Apex Legends
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Harpy vs Alternator

The Hyper Scape vs Apex Legends gun dupes continue into the SMG category. The Harpy SMG has been tagged as a bootleg version of Apex Legends’ Alternator SMG.

Both of these SMGs are modelled on a twin-barrel design. The iconic lengthy magazine is clearly visible down the centre of both guns. These weapons have extremely high rate-of-fires, dealing high damage-per-second (DPS), and capable of erasing an enemy in mere moments.

Both SMGs lend themselves to the same playstyle. The user will need to focus on close-quarters combat and stay within a few feet of the enemy to find success with these weapons. At close-range, these SMGs are deadly and should be feared. However, at a distance, both weapons become impractical.

Hyper Scape’s Harpy is more popular in the community than Apex Legend’s Alternator ever was, but there is no denying the resemblance between these two SMGs.

Hyper Scape Apex Legends
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Mammoth vs Peacekeeper

Two intimidating names for two intimidating shotguns. These two pump-action shotguns are almost interchangeable.

On the outside, both shotguns resemble the traditional pump-action model. Dive into the mechanics, and the stats, and the parallels grow tighter.

Both shotguns shoot pellets - the more pellets that connect, the more damage the shot output. The Mammoth and the Peacekeeper are capable of dealing insane amounts of damage when all the pellets connect. Both weapons can one-shot kill in certain circumstances. The only other weapons capable of this are the top-tier Sniper Rifles in both games. The two shotguns are so strong that both of their respective communities typically refer to them as overpowered.

The Hyper Scape devs were able to mimic the potent Peacekeeper in the form of the Mammoth.

In the end, there can only be so many variations of a Revolver or a Pump Shotgun. The fact that guns in both of these futuristic shooters look and act similarly is not far-fetched. Regardless, Hyper Scape players aren’t going to stop calling the Riot One a Wingman anytime soon.

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Images via Ubisoft | Respawn Entertainment | Reddit u/RARA_14 | NBC

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