Huge GTA 6 Leak Debunked By Its Own Source

Huge GTA 6 Leak Debunked By Its Own Source

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Tom Chapman


3rd Nov 2021 15:53

As we scramble for any official information on Grand Theft Auto 6, the popular automotive franchise has once again had one of its major leaks debunked. Even if Rockstar Games is yet to give GTA 6 the official nod, leaks and snippets are slowly making their way through the cracks. The problem is, we're questioning whether any of it is real

Over the years, GTA has become known for its thrilling and immersive stories that have brought the likes of Tommy, Niko, and Trevor into our lives. More recently, though, Rockstar is remembered for the multiplayer madness of GTA: Online. Hoping to return to the series' bread and butter, GTA 6 will presumably deliver another troubled protagonist for a single-player experience and keep coining it with a GTA Online update. 

Just like Activision continues to reinvent Warzone with each main series entry, we expect a new GTA Online to be themed about whatever setting GTA 6 has. Unfortunately, we still don't know where (or when) the main game will be taking us. 

What GTA 6 Leak Has Been Debunked?

By now, we're sure you've heard all about the massive Project Americas report, and while we'd love some info on what is/isn't true from that potential goldmine, the latest GTA 6 leak to kick the bucket is its most recent. Earlier this week, outlets started reporting on the idea that GTA 6 is in development hell

Apparently, trusted source Chris Klippel said that GTA 6 is in trouble and has been rebooted multiple times since former VP Dan Houser left. Klippel is also claimed to have said he's seen a snippet of GTA 6 and that it will take place in two time periods. Sadly, this isn't the case.

Taking to Twitter, a confused Klippel said he doesn't understand why his words are being taken out of context - seemingly weeks after he first said them. "I don't understand why 5/6 weeks after the release of my video there is such a big buzz from the US community. Strangely enough, no problem in France", said Klippel. 

Is Any Of The GTA 6 Leak Real?

Klippel went on to say that news of a Red Dead Redemption remaster is the real deal, but everything else should be discarded: "That's it. Everything else is just an interpretation of MY OPINION that I give in my videos to answer subscribers. Nothing else! Sorry for the big media validating info from forums without validating it!"

The confusion reportedly comes from using Google Translate. Klippel's original was in French, so it seems like things were lost in translation. It didn't take long for resident leaker Tom Henderson to wade in. Henderson added, "The new rumors floating around on GTA 6 and Red Dead Remastered is [Chris] giving his opinions/thoughts/speculation. It is not new or leaked information on either title."

Even we were drawn in by the swirling reports GTA 6 was lost in a sea of troubles, while the idea of multiple time periods has been floated before. The positive is that if Klippel's words are just musings, GTA 6 might not have been rebooted last year and could be closer than we first thought.


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