Tips and tricks for qualifying in all of Fall Guys Season 4’s new rounds.

18:30, 02 Apr 2021

Each new season of Fall Guys brings with it a bundle of new and exciting rounds. The Fall Guys developers continue to outdo themselves with all of these fun and creative minigames. Season 4 introduces a whopping seven new rounds into the game. Races, Survival, Team rounds — Season 4 has it all.

Fall Guys Season 4’s rounds are the most intricate and detailed levels we’ve seen yet. Many of the game’s launch rounds are a breeze compared to these heavy-hitters. With this in mind, it’s important to come prepared before taking on this new season of Fall Guys.

Fall Guys Season 4

Skyline Stumble

Skyline Stumble may be the most advanced race yet. Even veteran players will struggle to complete this map without falling off a couple of times.

  • Be aware of the buttons. There are large buttons placed all throughout Skyline Stumble. These buttons do things like launch projectiles at rival Beans across the track or open and close doors in the maze section of the course. Unless your goal is to be a pest, it’s probably best to avoid touching these buttons - they’ll only slow you down. The only exception is if a closed door is blocking your progress in the maze section. Hit the appropriate button to open the door and move forward.
  • Take the low gravity zones at the end! The final section of Skyline Stumbles presents the player with two choices. They can either bounce off pinball paddles to the finish line or opt to jump up a couple of ledges using the new low gravity zones. The pinball paddles are potentially the fastest route, but they are much more difficult to climb. We’ve seen Beans waste their time on the paddles for minutes when they could have just climbed the low gravity zone. Slow and steady wins the race in these 60-player gauntlets, so take the low gravity zone route and guarantee your placement.
Fall Guys Season 4 Qualify

Hoverboard Heroes

Hoverboard Heroes lets Beans ride on a gigantic hoverboard where they’ll need to dodge lasers, flying stars, and other obstacles as they navigate toward the finish line. This is not a Race, but a Survival round.

  • Be patient. Falling in this round will result in instant disqualification. There are no do-overs. Take your time and avoid rushing into mistakes. This isn’t a race; the order you cross the finish line is irrelevant.
  • Stay near the front of the hoverboard. There will be obstacles along the hoverboard’s path topped with flying projectiles hurling through the sky. If you’re placed near the front, you’ll stay on the hoverboard even if you get hit once or twice. Standing near the front offers a bit of a buffer for error.
How To Win Fall Guys Season 4


As the name suggests, Basketfall is the Fall Guys version of Basketball. Basketfall works similar to Fall Ball. Two teams of Beans compete to send balls into the opposing team’s goal. Success requires a mixture of offence and defence.

  • Jump and dive. Jumping and diving allow you to move the ball up the court at rapid speed. Also, you can shoot the ball into the hoop from a distance with a well-placed jump and toss. You don’t have to run in and dunk it into the hoop. Master this technique, and you’ll never lose another round of Basketfall.
  • Play defence. Just like real basketball, not everyone can shoot. If you struggle to make shots into the baskets, consider playing defence instead. This takes far less technical skill. Just get in the way of the other team’s Beans and steal their basketballs by grabbing at them.
How To Win Fall Guys

Short Circuit 

Fall Guys' first-ever race with actual laps, Beans must complete two laps of an obstacle-filled racetrack.

  • Take the high ground. At the very start of the race, players can either navigate a short maze on the ground level or climb up and over the maze. If possible, you should climb up and jump block by block over the maze. This route is faster and less condensed. The ground level is clogged with Beans all trying to force their way through narrow hallways.
  • Cut corners. The track is square-shaped with four corners. Three corners are guarded by giant fists that continually punch Beans passing by. When you reach a corner, stay tight to the right wall and dive over the corner block. This will save time and help you avoid becoming a punching bag.
  • Follow the blue light. One section of Short Circuit involves moving through gravity fields. Areas coloured blue will have anti-gravity properties, meaning players can jump high and far within it. Pink areas will have high gravity, making it, so Beans inside feel like they have concrete strapped to their feet. Staying in the blue areas will let you leap over all obstacles in the way.
How To Win Fall Guys Season 4

Power Trip

Fall Guys' version of territory control, two teams of Beans fight over a dancefloor of coloured tiles. The team that ends the round with the majority of the tiles lit up in their team’s colour wins.

  • Run down the centre line of tiles. It’s possible to secure two tiles with every step if you run perfectly down the middle line. This strategy allows you to take over much more territory in a short amount of time.
  • Try to sneakily invade the opposing team’s territory. Travel to the other side of the arena and light up the spawn area of the rival team. Sometimes they’ll forget to go back and double-check their spawn. These tiles can be the difference between winning and losing.
  • Be a team player. Not everyone on the team gets a battery. Without a battery, it’s impossible to light up any tiles. If you’re in this position, you can still help your team in other ways. Your new role is to disrupt the enemy team. Grab their players and try to rip their batteries from their hands. If possible, you can steal the battery for yourself. Either way, the distraction will keep the enemy team from claiming any tiles.
How To Qualify Fall Guys Season 4

Big Shots

Everyone stands on a See-Saw while cannons relentlessly fire projectiles like stars, planets, magnets, and game controllers at defenceless Beans. Beans will need to dip, duck, dive, and dodge until the timer is up.

  • Stay toward the centre of the See-Saw. The Sea-Saw tips back and forth depending on the weight the Beans put on it. If it tips too far one way, Beans near the edge may stumble off. Staying near the centre ensures your safety and also gives you more room to juke back and forth.
  • Dive when necessary. A well-timed dive could give you the extra distance needed to doge one of those pesky Saturns or magnets. Also, dodging is a good way to escape any evil Beans trying to grab hold of you.
How To Qualify Fall Guys

Roll On

This is a round most Fall Guys players should be somewhat familiar with. Roll On is a spin on Roll Out, but instead of being a Survival round, this time, it’s a Race.

  • Plan your moves ahead of time. Look at how the drums are rotating.
  • Go with the grain. Don’t try to jump to a drum that’s rotating away from you. Only transfer to drums that are rotating toward your direction.
  • Stay near the centre and avoid the horde of Beans. Things can get slippery near the edges, sending your Bean tumbling down into the depths below. Additionally, the other Beans can knock you off balance and even grab you to prevent progress. Try to forge your own path away from the crowd.



Four seasons into Fall Guys, much of the player base has sunk hundreds of hours into the game. Competing with these expert Beans can be a tall order. Use these tips and tricks to qualify over the fierce competition.


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