Tips and tricks for Knight Fever, Wall Guys, and the rest of the Season 2 rounds.

18:00, 16 Oct 2020

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout has been a shining light in otherwise dark times. The Mario Party-esqe Battle Royale took over the gaming world back on August 4, 2020. It felt like everyone in the world was playing Fall Guys. Within just one week, Fall Guys had sold two million copies on Steam.

With the recent launch of Season 2, four new rounds were introduced into Fall Guys. Each round is unique, with different mechanics and goals. Through hours of repetition, we have discovered a few tried and true strategies that give ourselves the absolute best chance of qualifying. While there are no guarantees, following these tips will set you up nicely to come away victorious in each of the new Fall Guys - Season 2 rounds.

How To Win Fall Guys Season 2

Knight Fever

Knight Fever is one of two brand-new, original races brought on in Fall Guys - Season 2. The race is full of different stages of Medieval-themed obstacles. These range from swinging axes, to drawbridges, to the Thicc Bonkus. Knight Fever is also the only new round that is entirely skill-based. Luck and RNG have little impact on Knight Fever.

  • At the start of the round, a giant mob will form. Ideally, you’ll be near the front. If not, players are better off waiting and crossing on their lonesome. Join in on the mob, and you risk getting knocked off by other players and spawning back at the beginning. It sounds counterintuitive, but patience is key here.
  • Midway through the race is the Slime Descent. Players must slide down a hill of slime while avoiding swinging axes. Descend through the middle. This will make it near impossible to fall off. Sliding down the sides can be extremely risky. And don’t forget to dive! Diving allows players to slide right under the axes and avoid getting knocked over.
  • Knight Fever ends with the Thicc Bonkus. The Thicc Bonkus is a spiked rolling pin that swings from side to side. To make things even more difficult, Thicc Bonkus swings over a bridge covered in holes. Here, players should stick to either the left or right side. On the edges, players have the most time in between swings. Timing it just right will allow the player to travel in a straight line across the bridge with no issues.
How To Win Fall Guys Season 2

Wall Guys

Wall Guys is the second new race released in Fall Guys - Season 2. Wall Guys is like Sea Saw’s older brother. Just like Seesaw, you’ll likely need the help of fellow beans in order to complete the course. It’s an individual game that requires working together with your competition. Players must arrange blocks in a way that allows them to scale a series of walls and make their way to the finish line.

  • Get out in front. Falling behind in Wall Guys can be detrimental. The more players competing for a spot on the same block, the harder it will be to scale the wall.
  • Grab, grab, grab! Wall Guys utilises the grab ability more than any other round by far. Players must grab blocks to push them, grab to climb up onto the blocks, and grab to pull themselves up a wall. Well-timed grabs are critical to qualifying during Wall Guys.
  • Wait for your opportunity. Beans will be flying all around you, all competing for the same spot on a block or wall. Instead of leaping into the fray, wait until you have an open shot on a clear block. Trying to grab onto a ledge that’s already occupied by another bean will send you plummeting down. You’ll have to wait your turn if you hope to scale the wall.
How To Win Fall Guys Season 2

Hoopsie Legends

Hoopsie Legends is a new Hoopsie Daisy map. However, instead of a three-way team round, it is now a solo round. Players must dive through six total hoops to qualify for the next round.

  • Take what you can get. Obviously, golden hoops are nice, but they can also be a cruel mistress. Meanwhile, normal hoops often sit around uncontested. Go after these hoops. Don’t dillydally hoping for a golden hoop to fall in your lap. These are heavily contested and somewhat rare. Take what’s given to you, which most of the time will be a standard hoop.
  • Move the blocks. Just like Wall Guys, Hoopsie Legends has moveable blocks that can be used to reach high places. Move these blocks to your advantage. If you see players trying to use one to reach a hoop, pull them away. Often, they’ll keep standing there waiting for someone to move them closer. This strategy essentially takes those players out of the round. 
  • Don’t get tunnel vision. We’ve seen players try over and over to get a hoop that might be just out of reach. If you fail to reach a hoop once, move on. It’s likely too hard to reach, or another bean is about to steal it anyway. Keep moving, only stopping for hoops that appear in close proximity.
How To Win Fall Guys Season 2

Egg Siege

Egg Siege is a new Egg Scramble map. The premise is the same; three teams of beans compete to collect the most eggs. The only difference is the map. Egg Siege has deeper wells along with drawbridges connecting each team’s side to the middle.

  • Make a concerted effort to collect as many eggs as possible off the start. With the deep wells, it’s almost impossible to steal eggs and come back if your team falls behind in the beginning. Grabbing the middle eggs is the difference between qualifying and not.
  • Once the initial mayhem has quieted down, look to collect loose eggs. Like we said before, stealing enemy eggs is extremely difficult in Egg Siege. Settle for the loose eggs around the middle of the map instead.
  • If you find your team trailing early, you may be forced into an offensive position. If this is the case, target the enemy team with the least eggs. Stealing eggs from the winning team is pointless. The goal of Egg Siege is to simply not come in last. The best way to do this is to ensure that another team comes in last. Bully the team with the least eggs. It may sound harsh, but this is a Battle Royale after all.

In a game like Fall Guys, there is no guaranteed path to victory. Almost every round has an innate bit of randomness attached to it. However, by using the tips and tricks above, you put yourself in the best position to claim that elusive crown.

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