Everyone wants a raptor as a friend, here's how you can do it.

15:33, 30 Mar 2021

Pretty much everyone has dreamed about having a dinosaur as a best mate at some point. Well, either that or they were traumatised by Jurassic Park and never wanted to see one again. Either way, the v16.10 update has dropped in Fortnite, and all of you dinosaur fans can now make a Raptor your friend. Bur how do you do it? And where are they? Let's dive in. 

Where Are The Velociraptors In Fortnite?

So a lot of players are currently looking for Raptors. This means you need to be quick if you want to get one of your own. According to a multitude of reports, they are currently spawning close to the hatched egg location, which makes a lot of sense. Of course, that’s not the only place you'll find them, so if you don't have any luck at the hatched eggs, ensure you keep your eyes open and search other locations too. Some people are reporting seeing them at Stealthy Stronghold, west of Misty Meadows, The Spire, and Weeping Woods.

Can You Ride The Raptors?

As cool as this would be, unfortunately it's not yet possible. Obviously we can't rule anything out with future updates, but as it stands we have no way of doing it at the moment. 

How Do You Tame The Raptors In Fortnite?

Easy. Simply follow these steps:

  • Make sure you have one meat and two bones, if you don't have them - find them
  • Craft a hunter’s cloak
  • Find a Raptor (as above, check by the hatched eggs)
  • Put on the Hunter’s Cloak
  • Walk over to the Raptor, using the interact button, and it will be tamed

Once it's tamed, it will attack anyone who tries to attack you. 

Do The Raptors Hunt In Packs?

Clever girl. If you're unfortunate enough to bump into a Raptor without having all the means to tame it, then they will make a screeching sound which will call the others to attack.

Can You Outrun A Raptor In Fortnite? 





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