Only the skybox is the limit.

11:54, 10 Sep 2020

How do you surf in Overwatch? Easy and very soon! Due to a new innovation in the workshop created by Yurodd which allowed movement acceleration to be used by map creators, surfing will soon be possible according to the creators Grandeur Hammers.

How to surf in Overwatch

The yet to be released workshop mode which you will eventually be able to access through the workshop code (we will update you on that), promises to soon bring surfing to Overwatch.

A teaser video on Twitter showed off the capabilities of the soon to be released workshop map which was coined “ow_Surf_Lighthouse” after the common naming scheme of the Counter-Strike:Global Offensive version of surf maps and the location outside the Overwatch map Gibraltar. Creating their own surfaces to form ramps with their map editor, the sky(box) is literally the limit, promising exciting creations in the future using the full Overwatch map pool. 

Judging by the video, the movement and mechanics appear to be very close to the CS:GO version of surf, relying on momentum to be gained through air strafing and sliding on ramps and retaining speed when landing on the ramp at the right angle. The physics engine of Overwatch has allowed for small surf stunts for a while with several map locations in the main game already showing glimpses of the movement mechanic.

CS:GO surf had gained a large following over the last decade with hundreds of custom maps created in the editor and several thousand servers hosting these maps globally. Maps were created with players of all skill levels in mind, ranging between different difficulties ranked in tiers, either making for relaxing high-speed experiences or very tricky parkours to manoeuvre through. 

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Image via Grandeur Hammers and Blizzard Entertainment

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