Using a stroke of genius, here's how to stop the Gas Mask animation in Warzone.

20:00, 14 Sep 2020

Ah, the dreaded Gas Mask animation. Every player must have faced death by this at least once. It's by far the most infuriating aspect of Warzone. Players coming in from the edge of the circle and taking on enemies who are also rotating can often get caught in the storm, and if you have a Gas Mask, even a second within the gas will prevent you from aiming. With the operator which you control opting to put on their Gas Mask as soon as the gas engulfs you, they prevent any aim down sight (ADS) ability, rendering your guns useless for this split second. For a piece of equipment that is supposed to save your life, more often than not, it can be your demise. Until now.

Many players have discovered a simple trick which overrides the Gas Mask animation in Warzone, which can easily save your life. It all lies with a heartbeat sensor.

This tactical gadget has soared in popularity in Warzone, revisiting its glory days of Modern Warfare 2, revealing the position of enemies who are nearby and not using the Ghost perk. Now, it can save your life too.

Pulling out your heartbeat sensor at the time when your operator would begin equipping the mask will stop the Gas Mask animation from occurring, and therefore allowing you to stay vigilant and storm buildings.

The obvious problem with this is you still cannot ADS with a heartbeat sensor out, however, the transition is so much quicker, and you do not lose the sight when the mask is pulled over your face. You will merely start seeing the gas mask begin to tick, and you can put your heartbeat sensor away straight after to sneak upon unexpecting foes. This, paired with a monolithic suppressor and dead silence popped is a recipe for a squad wipe.

Warzone has also been plagued with a horrendous glitch with the Heartbeat Sensors, which freeze your screen for up to three seconds when they are first pulled out, so make sure you have checked your surroundings before making this movement.

Well, there it is, that is how to stop the Gas Mask animation in Warzone. Thank us by securing those dubs out in Verdansk.


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Images via Activision

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