Bring old friends back to Fortnite and earn free cosmetics as a reward.

18:30, 13 Apr 2021

Reboot a Friend is a new Fortnite program designed to bring old players back to the game. 

Reboot a Friend works similar to programs such as the Recruit A Friend system in World of Warcraft. Fortnite players are incentivised to “reboot” or bring back a friend to the game that had previously quit playing. In return, both the current player and the rebooted player are eligible to earn a bundle of never-before-released cosmetics. Epic Games’ ultimate hope is that returning players will fall back in love with Fortnite and come back to the game permanently. 

Reboot a Friend does not work automatically. Players interested in participating in this exciting program must sign-up online through Epic Games. Players have to physically Reboot a Friend on their account to begin earning the free rewards.

Players can sign-up and participate in the Reboot a Friend program right now. Reboot a Friend will come to a close on April 26 at 7:59 BST, so players have about two weeks to earn all of the potential rewards. This program will likely return in the future, but there are no guarantees.

Our step-by-step guide below will run readers through how to participate in the new Reboot a Friend program as well as answer any and all frequently asked questions.

1. Visit the Reboot a Friend website

The Reboot a Friend website will give you an overview of this new incentive-based program. This is where the reboot initialisation begins.

2. Choose friend(s) to Reboot

After logging into your Epic Games account, you’ll be presented with the option to Reboot up to three eligible friends. To be eligible, a friend must not have played Fortnite in the past 30 days. 


Your friends list will lock the second you log in to the Reboot a Friend website. Friends added after this moment will be ineligible for the Reboot a Friend program.

3. Play games with rebooted friends to earn points toward prizes

Each game played with a rebooted friend will earn points for both you and your returning friend. These points accumulate toward earning a variety of cosmetic rewards that are currently only available through the Reboot a Friend program.

What are the Reboot a Friend rewards?

There are four different rewards that players can collect by amassing points earned through the Reboot a Friend program. These rewards are:

  • Reboot a Friend Spray
  • Heartbeat Wrap
  • Toxic Flash Glider
  • Plasma Carrot Pickaxe

The Reboot a Friend Spray is a simple spray depicting the Reboot logo. The Heartbeat Wrap is a black wrap with an animated electrocardiogram (EKG) line across the centre. The Toxic Flash Glider is a sharp, jagged glider available in both yellow and black colouring. Finally, we have the grand prize - the Plasma Carrot Pickaxe. This futuristic pickaxe is topped with a hologram carrot and comes with a red and a blue variant. Easter cosmetics are still in style!

These rewards have never before been released and, for now, are exclusive to the Reboot a Friend program.

How do Reboot a Friend points work?

Players earn points through playing matches with their rebooted friends. Both the current player and the returning player are eligible to receive points.

The first game played with a rebooted friend will net you both a massive 100 points. After that, players will receive ten points per match. Since it is possible to reboot three total friends, players can earn up to 300 points off of this first-match bonus.

What does each reward cost?

Each of the four Reboot a Friend rewards will be unlocked at a different point threshold. These thresholds are: 

  • 100 points: Reboot a Friend Spray
  • 200 points: Heartbeat Wrap
  • 300 points: Toxic Flash Glider
  • 400 points: Plasma Carrot Pickaxe

Players will need to earn 400 points by April 26 to unlock all possible reboot a Friend rewards.

Fortnite Reboot A Friend Rewards

Can I earn Reboot a Friend rewards if I don’t have any eligible friends?

It’s possible to unlock the Reboot a Friend rewards without actually rebooting a friend. Players with no eligible friends to reboot can still participate in this rousing program.


Playing a match with any friend will earn you both ten points. The only difference is that without a rebooted friend, players will not be eligible for the 100 point first-match bonus. The path to 400 points and the max rewards will require far more matches, but it can be done.

When will I receive my Reboot a Friend rewards?

Rewards will be granted to deserving players within seven days of unlocking them. 

There’s never been a better time to return to Fortnite. Players that have been eyeing a return should see if any of their friends still play Fortnite and might want to reboot them. If you never quit the game, hit up a couple of your old squadmates and see if they’re interested in getting rebooted. The whole lot of you could come out of it with a collection of free rewards.



Images via Epic Games

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