A Half Flip in Rocket League is one of the quickest forms of rotating and a must have skill.

13:30, 19 Jan 2021

Rocket League has one of the highest skill caps out of any esports, if not the highest. In a full-throttle environment, a matter of milliseconds of quick thinking and reactions, can be the difference between success and failure, when combined with exquisite execution. 

With a range of mechanics that can prove to be the difference, one of the most useful is the 'Half Flip'. Often slept on because it is seldom effective in scoring goals, the half flip is a defender's best tool and can help teams rotate efficiently. Unless you possess the animalistic ability to wavedash constantly, a half flip can reduce the number of times you send your bonnet flying at kick-offs, and can help secure a clean sheet.

What is a Half Flip in Rocket League?

A half flip is a technique that allows you to flip backwards and change the direction of your car to then face forwards. It is the quickest method known or doing a full 180, much faster than hitting the breaks or doing an awkward barrel roll in mid-air. Its name comes from the mechanic itself, involving cancelling a full backflip halfway through and landing on your wheels.

How to do a Half Flip in Rocket League?

The half flip involves reversing backwards and flipping over, normally towards your own goal. Rather than flipping fully and continuing to reverse, you will need to make your car stall by pushing your car in the other direction. Once the flip commences, you will need to force you analogue stick forwards, against the direction you are going. This forces the bonnet of the car to remain in the air and for it to land on its back. That's step one. If you can practice that and land on your roof, you'll be in prime position for step 2.

Once mastered, you will need to add a barrel roll in whichever way is preferable. As the bonnet is now facing your own goal, you will just need to roll the car and pull your wheels underneath. This will complete your half flip and have you in the best position to tip a shot over your backboard.


If you're struggling, this video from Sir Timbers may help you visualise the movements.

You may find that this mechanic is easier to master on player cam, rather than ball cam, especially on your first efforts in-game. Until you are comfortable doing this at other angles then it'll be worth switching cameras to hit a straight line and then switch back when you're on the ground. 

Follow this, and you'll soon start moving up the Rocket League competitive ranks.



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Image via Psyonix | Epic Games

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