A guide to the Last Laugh Bundle.

16:00, 20 Nov 2020

‘Tis the season for superheroes. The entirety of Fortnite Chapter 2 - Season 4 has revolved around Marvel superheroes and their plot to stop the evil Galactus from destroying reality as we know it. Storm, Wolverine, Iron Man, and more have focused their efforts on the Nexus War.

What’s a good superhero story without some villains? Marvel has taken centre stage this season, but don’t forget about DC. We thought that skins like Captain America and Iron Man were the peak of Fortnite collabs. But for our chaotic players out there, The Joker was always the dream.

Well, the iconic supervillain decided to show his face at just the right time. The Joker, along with his comrades of Poison Ivy and Midas Rex, are now available for use in Fortnite via the Last Laugh Bundle.

What is the Last Laugh Bundle, and how do you get it? Let us walk you through a short guide pertaining to everything players need to know about this supervillain-themed bundle.

When Does The Last Laugh Bundle Come Out?

The Last Laugh Bundle was officially released on November 17, 2020. However, only the physical version of the bundle was made available. To the disappointment of many, the Last Laugh Bundle is not available digitally. This means it does not appear in the in-game Item Shop. According to Epic Games, the Last Laugh Bundle will be made available digitally sometime in December.

How Much Does The Last Laugh Bundle Cost?

The Last Laugh Bundle sells for £24.99/$30. 

What Does The Last Laugh Bundle Include?

  • 1,000 V-Bucks
  • Three Skins: The Joker, Poison Ivy, Midas Rex
  • Three Back Blings: Laugh Riot, Back Bloom, Midas Crest
  • Four Harvesting Tools: Bad Joke, The Joker’s Revenge, Ivy Axe, Kingmaker
  • One Contrail: Pick a Card

The $30 price tag may seem steep, but players receive quite the bang for their buck in return. The 1,000 V-Bucks alone is valued at £6.49/$10. All three of the skins come with multiple style options. For example, The Joker has a default style, a jacket style, and a jacket (no hat) style. Top it off with a bunch of unique back blings and pickaxes, and the price really isn’t too bad. Typically, a single skin alone can cost upwards of 2,000 V-Bucks.

How To Purchase The Last Laugh Bundle

As of now, there are only two ways to acquire the Last Laugh Bundle. One is by walking into a retail store and purchasing a physical copy. The second involves ordering it online and having the physical copy shipped to you. The Last Laugh Bundle will be available at most major retail stores. Common places that stock the Last Laugh Bundle include GAME and Argos, or for the US, Walmart, Target, and GameStop.

How to Unlock The Last Laugh Bundle

Once you’ve got your hands on the Last Laugh Bundle, all that’s left is to redeem it.


To redeem the code, simply head to Fortnite.com/redeem. Type in the code and press redeem. If the code was entered correctly, you should be redirected to a confirmation page. Here, the Last Laugh Bundle will appear with a final message asking if you wish to activate it.


Alternatively, players can go to the main Epic Games website and log into their Epic Games account. Go to your profile and select “Redeem Code” on the left sidebar. The Last Laugh Bundle should appear in your account shortly after redemption.

An Epic Games account is required to redeem the Last Laugh Bundle. The Last Laugh Bundle’s content is available across all platforms running the most current version of the game.

Get ready to cause some mayhem with The Joker and the rest of the Last Laugh Bundle.

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Images via Epic Games

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