In anticipation for its drop on August 5, here's how you can download Modern Warfare Season 5 early.

15:39, 03 Aug 2020

Modern Warfare Season 5 is just around the corner, coming to all players on August 5. However, for the first time in Call of Duty history, you can pre-download the update early, ready to play when it goes live.

The good news is only for Playstation players, though, as it seems that Modern Warfare players on the popular console are the only ones able to pre-download the game so far.

The reason behind this decision from Activision seemingly lies with the huge file sizes. As every Modern Warfare fan will know by now, each update comes to us with a chunky download size, normally north of 30GB, which is astounding considering you can download a full game such as Skyrim, Apex Legends or Fortnite for a similar amount of storage space. The updates also take a huge amount of time to download and therefore it seems that Activision has opted to allow PS players to get that time out of the way and be able to access the full update the second it goes live.

For Playstation players, here’s how you can download Modern Warfare Season 5 early.

How to download Modern Warfare Season 5 early.

  • Hover over the Modern Warfare/Warzone game in the Playstation menu.
  • Click Options > Check for Update.
  • The Update should be found by the console and allow you to select ‘download’.
  • Head to your Downloads tab to double-check that it’s working.
  • Wait until the new season kicks off in your timezone and install it.

So far it is unclear whether this feature will become available to Xbox and PC players, but it is handy for Playstation players to be able to get the update done and dusted ready for it to go live, rather than waiting hours on end on August 5, rife with anticipation.

Modern Warfare Season 5 is set to feature two new weapons, the AN-94 assault rifle, and the APC9 submachine gun, alongside an array of changes to Warzone, one being a moving lootable train throughout Verdansk. Furthermore, leaks indicate that some sort of explosion may be happening around Stadium, potentially making it accessible inside.

With much anticipation for what's in store, make sure to stay tuned at GGRecon for more Call of Duty news.


Image via Activision

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