Everything you need to know about the new crafting system introduced in Chapter 2 - Season 6.

18:30, 26 Mar 2021

Fortnite Chapter 2 - Season 6 has introduced a brand-new mechanic into the game — crafting. Upon opening their inventory, players will be greeted with a Crafting tab. Here, players can combine different ingredients to create powerful and interesting weapons and items.

Crafting is something new to Fortnite, so understandably, many in the community are struggling to adapt. The goal of this guide is to enlighten players on Chapter 2 - Season 6’s crafting system.

Let’s run through all the possible crafting ingredients, how to get them, and all the cool new weapons and items players can build via crafting.

Main Ingredients

Makeshift Weapons

Makeshift Weapons serve as the base ingredient to crafting for Chapter 2 - Season 6. There is not a single weapon that players can craft without first having a corresponding Makeshift Weapon.

The Makeshift Weapons players will find scattered around the island include:

  • Makeshift Submachine Gun
  • Makeshift Shotgun
  • Makeshift Revolver
  • Makeshift Rifle
  • Makeshift Bow

At first, Makeshift Weapons are basic and weak, but they can be upgraded by players through crafting. Depending on a player's preference and the other ingredients on hand, players can turn their Makeshift Weapon into either a Primal or Mechanical Weapon.

Fortnite Craft Makeshift Weapon

Animal Bones

Animal Bones are a key ingredient in Fortnite’s new crafting system. Animal Bones are required in crafting Primal Weapons and the Hunter’s Cloak.


Animal Bones are acquired by hunting the animals and wildlife found throughout the island. Chickens, Boars, and Wolves all drop Animal Bones upon elimination.


Wildlife is prevalent throughout the island, but Chickens and Boars can usually be found near Farmland like Colossal Crops and Steel Farm. Wolves tend to stay near forest and mountainous regions such as Weeping Woods and Mount Kay.

Chickens reward players with one Animal Bone, Boars will drop two Animal Bones, and each slain Wolf will drop three Animal Bones.

Fortnite Animal Bones

Mechanical Parts

Mechanical Parts are another prime ingredient used to craft high-tier weapons in Chapter 2 - Season 6. Mechanical Parts are used in crafting Mechanical Weapons.


Mechanical Parts can be obtained by harvesting vehicles. Cars, trailers, buses, and tractors will award Mechanical Parts when hit with a pickaxe.

The centre of the map was hit the hardest when the Zero Point pulse sent Fortnite back to the Stone Age. The technology that remains on the island is mostly dispersed around the outskirts. Places like Retail Row and The Orchard are ideal for collecting up Mechanical Parts.

Unlike the wildlife, the man-made tech on the island does not drop a set amount of Mechanical Parts when destroyed. Players could be rewarded with a single Mechanical Part or a bundle of Parts.

Fortnite Mechanical Parts

Secondary Ingredients

Firefly Jars and Gas Cans

While not as important as the main ingredients, players can use secondary ingredients like Firefly Jars and Gas Cans to further upgrade certain Primal and Mechanical Weapons.


Firefly Jars are created by collecting Fireflies that hover around wooded areas during the night and at dusk. Gas Cans can be found all over the map. Players will have the most luck searching at Bus Stops, Gas Stations, and other areas with drivable vehicles present.

Stink Sacs and Stink Fish

Fortnite players can use Stink Sacs and Stink Fish to create a very stinky weapon. 

Stink Sacs are acquired through hunting Frogs. Frogs can be found near water and wetlands. Slurpy Swamp is one location covered in Frogs. Stink Fish can be caught via fishing in any body of water on the Fortnite island.

Fortnite Stink Sacs

Shockwave Grenades and Frag Grenades

Shockwave and Frag Grenades are powerful on their own, but when used as an ingredient in crafting, these explosives can create a couple of different tools of destruction.


Shockwave and Frag Grenades do not have any set spawns. Finding these explosives requires players to get lucky by searching chests and ground loot.

Craftable Items

Hunter’s Cloak

For now, at least, the Hunter’s Cloak is the only non-weapon item that players can craft in Chapter 2 - Season 6.


The Hunter’s Cloak makes players invisible to animals. Non-aggressive animals like Chickens and Frogs will no longer run away when approached by the player. Aggressive creatures like Boars and Wolves will not attack a player in a Hunter’s Cloak. This allows for an easy taming and/or hunting opportunity.

Fortnite players can craft the Hunter’s Cloak using two Animal Bones and one piece of Meat. Chickens, Boars, and Wolves will drop Meat along with Animal Bones when slain. Fuse these ingredients together to craft the Hunter’s Cloak.

Fortnite Hunter's Cloak

Primal Guns

Primal Guns are a brand-new category of weapon introduced in Chapter 2 - Season 6. Primal Weapons deal high damage and come with unique perks like burst-fire and rapid-fire. As a trade-off, Primal Guns lack accuracy.


The different types of Primal Guns players can craft are:

  • Primal SMG
  • Primal Shotgun
  • Primal Rifle
  • Primal Pistol

Each Primal Gun costs one Makeshift Weapon and four Animal Bones to craft.

Fortnite Primal Guns

Mechanical Guns

Just like Primal Guns, Mechanical Guns are crafted using Makeshift Weapons as the base. However, Mechanical Guns have high accuracy in exchange for lower damage. Mechanical Guns are the traditional guns players have used throughout Fortnite's history.


The list of Mechanical Guns players can craft includes:

  • Submachine Gun
  • Pump Shotgun
  • Assault Rifle
  • Revolver

Each Mechanical Gun costs one Makeshift Weapon and four Mechanical Parts to craft.

Fortnite Mechanical Guns


Bows are where things get a little more complicated. Using a Makeshift Bow as the foundation, players can craft six potential variations of this standard bow.


First, players can upgrade a Makeshift Bow to either a Primal or Mechanical Bow using four Animal Bones or four Mechanical Parts.

From there, we have four more variations of bows that players can craft. A Primal Bow can be upgraded to either a Primal Flame Bow or a Primal Stink Bow. A Mechanical Bow can be upgraded to a Mechanical Shockwave Bow or a Mechanical Explosive Bow. 


The Primal Flame Bow is crafted by fusing a Primal Bow with one Firefly Jar or Gas Can. The resulting creation is a bow capable of firing flame arrows that set flammable objects like wood on fire. 

The Primal Stink Bow is created by mixing a Primal Bow with a Stink Fish or Stink Sac. In addition to a standard arrow, the Primal Stink Bow shoots Stink at range.

On the mechanical side, the Mechanical Shockwave Bow is a combination of a Mechanical Bow and two Shockwave Grenades. As one may expect, every shot of the Mechanical Shockwave Bow gives off a Shockwave effect.

The last of the advanced bows is the Mechanical Explosive Bow. Combining six Frag Grenades with a Mechanical Bow will create a Mechanical Explosive Bow. This deadly bow shoots out sticks of dynamite that inflict 20 damage a stick.

Fortnite Bows

Fortnite’s new crafting system can be a bit overwhelming at first. Use this guide to familiarise yourself with every possible ingredient and recipe.


Images via Epic Games

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