It's LOL's 10th anniversary, here's your free refund token!

16:39, 06 Feb 2020

League of Legends has impressively reached its 10-year milestone and it’s fair to say, Riot Games is still in a celebratory mood. The developers have decided to give back to the loyal player base by offering everyone a free refund token.

Every LoL account starts with three refund tokens which can be used to claim back RP or Blue Essence used to purchase a champion, a skin or any other cosmetic item such as an emote or icon.

As long as you no longer have all three tokens intact, you can claim another for free by logging in to your Riot account on this support page. Previously, once a refund token was used it was never to be seen again and it’s relatively common for players to waste said tokens when still learning how to play the game. Whether you decided to refund Shaco because you died to Red Buff at level one after forgetting to take your Jack in the Box or you had a bad game on Lux so you refunded her for Akali only to play even worse - most if not all LoL players will have a regretful refund token story.

But now, you finally have a second chance. You can refund almost any of your purchases within the previous 90 days though of course there isn’t any rush to use them. That token will stay safe and sound on your account until you decide the time is right. Though there could be a rush to claim your free token as the seemingly limited-time-only service from Riot rather vaguely says it is available for the start of 2020. If you still have all three tokens left, this might be the time to risk using one knowing that you can safely return to having all three afterwards.

After you’ve received your token from the support page, log in to LoL and once the client finally loads you can head on over to the store, find your account which is behind the button of a little person with a cog behind their head and then find your recent purchases on the left-hand side to see what you can refund.

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