An unexpected victory.

18:30, 17 Jan 2021

Even though Team oNe popped on the esports radar back in 2005, their journey in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) started in 2015. The Brazilian org is now recognised as a top competitor in the A-Tier scene after dominating in the online world. Team oNe went from earning measly cash prizes to receiving thousands of dollars in a period of two years. 

They became a success story overnight and were even compared to the greats such as FURIA and MiBR. While it isn’t always easy being at the top, Team oNe has learned to deal with their aggressive opponents. They somehow manage to set their emotions off to the side while competing in some of the biggest online events. 


With COVID-19 striking near the beginning of 2020, teams became flustered when discussing events and salary packets. Managers, scouts, and coaches spent days searching high and low for affordable yet talented rosters. Some teams chose to back away from the stress-induced season while others thrived in it. 

Team oNe went on to participate in nearly sixteen different events, including the DreamHack Master Winter tournament. They went up against teams chalked with stars including Chaos E.C, Triumph, and the NE Whalers. Even after their season ended, Team oNe managed to bring in another roster that shined with potential. 

Before all of their years of consistent tournament earnings, Team oNe was like every other team at the time. For two years, they struggled to earn a reasonable amount of revenue, leading up to their breakthrough in 2018. After reaching six figures in earnings, Team oNe hit a barrier that nearly crushed years of endless training.


In 2019 they played in twenty different events earning around five hundred dollars. With a world pandemic right around the corner, it seemed like Team oNe was better off releasing their lineup. Through thick and thin, the Brazilian org treated 2020 as a year to redeem themselves, and it proved successful. 


A good chunk of their earnings in 2020 was from qualifiers alone, adding up to four thousand dollars. Team oNe entered in the stream of DreamHack events starting out at the Summer Open qualifier. Their fourth-place finish awarded the new recruits with some cash and a seed placement. That seed earned Team oNe just under nine thousand dollars and forty pro points. 


The final stop for Team oNe at DreamHack was their Winter Master event hosted back in December of last year. After placing first in their qualifier stage, Team oNe fell short to Chaos E.C but went home with fifteen thousand dollars. The next online series was considered a fan favourite hosted by the one and only Mythic.

The Mythic League Invite League along with two Summer Cash Cups brought in three thousand dollars. These kinds of events often hosted smaller teams looking for new opportunities to compete. That’s why Team oNe had the upper hand, considering the size of their org and years of experience. It’s always a good idea to play in your field and earn money from realistic matchups. 



After profits increased by nearly ninety percent, Team oNe felt that it was time to freshen up their weaker points. On January 11th, Cassio "cass1n" Santos, Felipe "skullz" Medeiros, and head coach Joao "righi" Righi joined the lineup. All three members look like promising additions to the team but still have a lot to prove. 


Cass1n has to be one of the most overlooked players in the league according to his earnings and team history. After playing on loan alongside W7M Gaming, Cass1n spent a majority of his career with SWS Gaming. He’s mostly known for his time within monthly events against other amateur teams. After years of playing as a substitute, Cass1n finally earned his debut year in 2020. Now he’ll have a chance to play with the top dogs in CS:GO and show off as a new recruit. 

Skullz has a similar track record compared to his new teammate Cass1n including time spent with W7M Gaming. With two years in the B-Tier scene, Skullz has some good experience in the amateur circuit. He won his first event at CLUTCH Season 2 and will now bring his skills to the table with an even bigger org. 

As for the head coach, righi is a major gamble considering his time within the esports industry. He spent a year with SWS Gaming and came out with zero earnings before making a career change. As a coach, righi received a chance to hone his skills alongside Santos e-Sports in 2020. Based on his current stats as a coach, righi had more success teaching compared to his time spent playing. 

The current lineup on Team oNe is extremely small, but that shouldn’t take away from their potential talents. After using a limited amount of resources to boost their earnings in 2020, Team oNe plans on continuing down a path full of risks. They are definitely a team to look out for based on their passion, placements, and staff members. 



Images via Team oNe

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