Octane's Stim Exploit makes the jacked up legend even faster.

15:53, 09 Sep 2020

Octane's need for speed is rife in Apex Legends Season 6. As changes were made to both Worlds Edge and Kings Canyon, mobility has become a fundamental part of each team, with a trio often including at least one either Octane, Wraith or Pathfinder.

The fuel-injected legend often uses his stim to get cracked and go on crazy flanks or dip away from engagements to help revive teammates that went rogue. The added increment of speed combined with the boost pads can launch Octane from one area to the next in a blink of an eye, making him one of the more aggressive legends.

However, he's just got even more dynamic, with this new exploit in Season 6.

Players have found that if you use a Holo Spray at the right time, the speed boost that Octane receives appears to be even greater than normal. Reddit user u/Benavas pointed out the exploit whilst in the shooting range.

You can make octane run super fast if you have good timing with the new glitch from r/apexuniversity

The exploit means that if you time the holo spray correctly you can reuse the stim before his previous shot runs out, meaning that the daredevil can chain stims and dart around the map like a headless chicken without having to slow down. 

The exploit does take a lot of practice as the timing is rather difficult, however, the skilled players across Kings Canyon could use this exploit to their advantage, wiping through teams from Artillery to Bunker, wiping out teams that don't even see him coming.

The problem with the exploit is that his health doesn't fully regenerate before the stim finishes, meaning that one stim too many could see Octane eliminated from the battle royale, or a well placed shot to the dome could instantly drop him into a deathbox. 

The Respawn Entertainment developers have confirmed that they are working on fixing bugs such as the "useless" knockdown shields, suggesting that this will join a long list of glitches that will need to be patched.

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Image via Respawn Entertainment

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