One Valheim player has recreated the magic of the Harry Potter series and built Hogwarts inside the sandbox showstopper.

15:31, 02 May 2021

Wands ready - someone has added Hogwarts Castle to Valheim. It's time for Minecraft to move over because there's a new sandbox game that's proving to be our favourite place to let the creative juices flow. Despite Valheim's freshman status, it's already a popular builder that's recreated everything from Jurassic Park to the Millennium Falcon. Since it was first released in February, Valheim has become a playground of imaginative builds in an unlikely setting.

While the whole premise of Valheim is for slain Vikings to prove themselves worthy of a place in Valhalla, it's inadvertently become the new Minecraft in terms of building capabilities. Mojang's blocky builder has shown off some amazing contributions over the years - we loved the King's Landing recreation - but now, Valheim is showing a new realm of potential. It was only a matter of time until the Wizarding World of Harry Potter cast a spell on Valheim


Who recreated Hogwarts in Valheim?

Posting on Reddit u/Zabore showed off their work in progress Hogwarts build. Those who've read the Harry Potter books and watched Warner Bros.' movies will be able to instantly recognise key locations like Hagrid's shack, the Quidditch pitch, and the Great Hall. There's also an impressive shot of the castle exterior to show how much work they've poured into the build. 

Explaining why they decided to take on the mammoth task of bringing Hogwarts to life, Zabore said they were inspired by builds like someone creating Notre-Dame Cathedral. Discussing the size of Hogwarts, Zabore added, " I was thinking: What is the biggest building i've seen. Then I saw the movies, and got the idea from there". Teasing that there's more to come, Zabore confirmed there's work to do on a Forbidden Forst section.


It's definitely a hefty build that has a lot of scope to grow. From the Room of Requirement to the Great Lake, Dumbledore's Office to Gryffindor Common Room, the options are endless. Of course, what Hogwarts would be complete without the Chamber of Secrets? Someone said it needs a troll (and a dungeon to lure to it), with Zabore commenting, "I will do that. Underneath the girls bathroom ofc", as a nice reference to the first book. 


What else are people building in Valheim?

The magic of Harry Potter isn't the only pop culture build we've seen recently. Going in a completely different direction, someone has taken a dive into the oceans of SpongeBob SquarePants to remake SpongeBob and Squidward's houses in the game. It's not quite a full remodelling of Bikini Bottom, but we're hoping it leads to something bigger. Importantly, the recreation of SpongeBob's pineapple home wasn't done with any cheats. Instead, it uses a core of wooden beams. Patrick's house might not be as impressive, but that's probably just because it's a rock. 


Now that builds for Hogwarts and Bikini Bottom are in the works, we have to ask, what's next? Will someone tackle a gritty Gotham City recreation, Game of Thrones' The Wall, or Charles Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters? We've already seen someone make Pokemon Yellow playable in Valheim. There are still problems with making such huge projects in Valheim. Zabore said the Hogwarts build was done in debug because they didn't "have the time to farm". With Iron Gate Studio currently working on Valheim's first big update, the "Heart and Home" expansion should open the gates to Valhalla and even more possibilities. 



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Images via Iron Gate Studio 

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