Hogwarts Legacy Could Include Killing Curse And Dark Arts

Hogwarts Legacy Could Include Killing Curse And Dark Arts
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13th Jul 2021 14:30

Look to the skies because a Dark Mark has appeared above Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. While we can't wait to see what an open-world Harry Potter game looks like, there are still plenty of questions about what Hogwarts Legacy will and won't bring to the table.

Although Avalanche Software's long-awaited release has been pushed into 2022, we still haven't had a look at Hogwarts Legacy's gameplay. It's expected that a first real look at the game will debunk those swirling rumours, however, we're still not sure whether the game will include the Dark Arts.

Will Hogwarts Legacy include Dark Arts and the Killing Curse?

In the Wizarding World, the battle between good and evil made up the core of the seven Harry Potter books and the eight movies that followed. Among the various spells and curses, the Killing Curse (Avada Kedavra) is probably the most famous. The likes of James and Lily Potter, Cedric Diggory, and even Dumbledore have been struck by the worst of the Unforgivable Curses, but developers have skirted around whether they'll be in Hogwarts Legacy

Discussing the use of Dark Arts and the Killing Curse, Hogwarts Legacy writer DC Allen told fans on Twitter, "Are they not allowed to kill in 16+ games? I feel like you could fully kill bad guys in Horizon Zero Dawn, it just wasn't bloody. I don't think I can answer your question directly but in the trailer, you can see there is a lot of evil occurring in the wizarding world". It definitely sounds like Dark Arts and Unforgivable Curses will be in use for Hogwarts Legacy

What do we know about Dark Arts in Hogwarts Legacy?

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Allen's comments line up with what we already know about Hogwarts Legacy. In a previous PlayStation blog post, Avalanche Head of Story Adrian Ropp mentioned "dueling against a deadly dark witch". Added to this, there's already been a mention of a morality system that hints at Dark Arts will come into play.

It all sounds very Luke Skywalker-esque with a fine line between what counts as good and evil. It remains to be seen how Dark Arts and the Killing Curse will work with Hogwarts Legacy. It would be a bit of a con if you can tour the grounds of Hogwarts and blast your enemies with Avada Kedavra from the very start.

We're expecting Hogwarts Legacy will involve a level system where you rise through the ranks from First Year to a fearsome wizard that's ready to take on dark forces or join their ranks. Of course, the 1800s setting of Hogwarts Legacy means we could feature a very young Albus Dumbledore or headmaster (at the time) Phineas Nigellus Black. It's long before the Dark Lord, but there's sure to be some sort of villainous presence stalking the halls.


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