Hisuian Zorua And Zoroark Revealed In Pokemon Legends: Arceus Teaser

Hisuian Zorua And Zoroark Revealed In Pokemon Legends: Arceus Teaser
Images: Nintendo

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Ford James


21st Oct 2021 14:46

Two more Hisuian regionals have been revealed for Pokemon Legends: ArceusHisuian Zorua and Zoroark.

Earlier this week, Nintendo posted a Pokemon Legends: Arceus teaser in the style of The Blair Witch Project, with some spooky found-footage shenanigans going on. In it, we see an unknown chap exploring the snowy region around Mt. Coronet, before stumbling upon some Snorunt playing in the snow.

He then finds a brand-new Pokemon he's never seen before, but thanks to the shoddy quality of the footage, we don't get to see it up close. Something then attacks the man and presumably kills him. A bit dark for Pokemon...

Pokemon Legends: Arceus Hisuian Zorua and Zoroark

Just a few days later, Pokemon has revealed the trailer in full, without the camera quality issues experienced in the initial trailer. We get to see the Snorunt in crystal clear quality, before the man finds what is quite clearly a Hisuian Zorua. This cute furry beastie has given up on the dark black fur in favour of angelic white, with red spots under its eyes and a flowing pink-red tail.

Something that resembles the smoke monster from Lost springs out from behind the Hisuian Zorua and knocks down our cameraman, allowing Zorua to get much closer. A Hisuian Zoroark then approaches from behind, with spiky tendrils all over its torso and legs, adding to the list of confirmed critters on the Pokemon Legends Arceus Pokedex.

So it turns out the highly speculated Hisuian Arcanine theories were entirely false, although it's surprising given we know about the existence of Hisuian Growlithe already.

Plenty of questions still linger around the teaser: Who is the unnamed cameraman? What was that black cloud of smoke? Is it actually Hisuian Zorua and Zoroark, or do they have different names like Basculegion has? All this and more will no doubt be answered once Pokemon Legends: Arceus launches in January.


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