Hideo Kojima Teases Silent Hills Revival

Hideo Kojima Teases Silent Hills Revival

Written by 

Tom Chapman


30th Nov 2021 13:28

Are you in for a scare? While we've all heard the whispers that the hellfires beneath Silent Hill will start burning again, no one's quite sure what form that will be in. Is a Silent Hills revival on the way from Hideo Kojima?

The once golden child of Konami's impressive back catalogue, the Silent Hill series has influenced everything from SOMA to The Evil Within 2. Unfortunately, the series has laid dormant since 2012 and Kojima famously split from the studio in 2015 to create Kojima Productions.

Kojima has been working on Silent Hills, which was poised to be the franchise's triumphant return. There was even the Playable Teaser (P.T.) with The Walking Dead's Norman Reedus attached as the lead. Now, we've got a potential clue that the dynamic duo are back together.

Is A Silent Hills Revival On The Way?

By now, we're sure you're pretty sick of the various vague rumours that don't give much actual evidence to Silent Hills revival? Of course, Kojima and Reedus worked together on Death Stranding

Posting on Twitter, Kojima cryptically said he was "revising the plan and script" - sharing a blurry picture of someone in the background. It would be easy to guess this is something to do with Death Stranding, which could be compounded by the recent announcement that Kojima Productions was launching its own TV and movie studio.

However, others think the blurred figure could be Reedus, and we're on the cusp of a Silent Hills announcement. Added to this, Geoff Keighley responded with the eyes emoji, suggesting an announcement could be on the way for December 9's Game Awards. 

What Are The Chances Of A Silent Hills Revival?

The problem is, we've been fooled too many times before. You might remember the PlayStation-exclusive Abandoned was tipped to be a secret Silent Hill game or possible rebirth of various Konami games including Metal Gear Solid.

Elsewhere, there were rumours Kojima was shunning Sony in favour of Xbox, after the studio dismissed his idea for another game. Despite Death Stranding dividing critics upon release, it was about as Kojima as you can get. Although he's said his health is failing him, he's promised to keep making games.

Even if Kojima's tease isn't for Silent Hills the game, it would be one hell of a launch for his movie studio to breathe new life into Silent Hill's bloated corpse. Whatever Kojima is working on, expect it to be a suitably batsh*t outing that will have you hiding behind the cushions.


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