Hideo Kojima Admits His Body Is 'Failing' Him

Hideo Kojima Admits His Body Is 'Failing' Him
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25th Aug 2021 15:58

He might be (arguably) the best in the business, but much like Quentin Tarantino claims he's only going to make 10 movies, Hideo Kojima has warned that he could be heading toward the end of his time in the video game industry. Although he's known for his work on everything from Metal Gear to Death Stranding, Kojima has admitted his body is starting to "fail" him.

These days, Kojima isn't just the master of stealth games - with him also being a master of trolling, as fans look for even the slightest hint of his next endeavour. Those widespread rumours that Sony's Abandoned could be a secret Kojima game are still doing the rounds, while there are hopes he could one day resurrect Silent Hills. The question is, when will the acclaimed auteur decide to call it a day?

How old is Hideo Kojima?

Kojima has just celebrated his 58th birthday, which is no age for anyone. However, looking to his future and potential retirement, the gaming legend has vowed to keep making games for as long as his mind allows. Posting on Twitter, Kojima said, "Turned 58 years old today, and although my body is failing me, my creativity is not waning yet."

He continued: "Until my brain loses its creative power, I’ll continue to strive to create things. That’s my instinct, and that’s what I love to do. Thank you". As an extra bit of trivia, Kojima said he's exactly the same age as Brad Pitt and is one year younger than Tom Cruise. Funnily enough, we don't imagine Hideo Kojima will cameo in the next Mission: Impossible movie and hang off the side of a plane. 

Despite Kojima implying he's feeling a bit old, there was plenty of support for him as the original tweet blew up. Namely, his fans championed him to keep making games forever. One supporter wrote, "Happy birthday brother! I think your creativity is eternal."

Another cheered, "I've loved every game you've directed so far and I can't wait to see what you make for us in the future  thank you, truly !", while a third concluded, "You look like you're in your late thirties, and you have the brain of ten people." Thankfully, it sounds like there's plenty of Kojima creativity left.

What is Hideo Kojima's next game?

Sadly, an update on how Hideo Kojima feels in himself isn't a reveal of his next game. Recent reports claim he pitched another title to Sony, however, had his idea rejected due to the middling success of Death Stranding. Added to this, there were claims he'd be jumping ship to Xbox to help give Microsoft's growing library of exclusives a boost. 

In typically cryptic Kojima fashion, players look at everything he posts and put it under a microscope to see if it's a tease of what's to come. It's become a frustrating game of cat and mouse, with some even claiming his birthday tweet could be hiding a tease of Venom Snake's bionic arm. Come on, guys. Give it a rest.

If all of this wasn't enough, Norman Reedus set the internet alight with a possible tease that Silent Hills could rise from the grave, however, it remains to be seen if Kojima would be involved or it would revert back to Konami.

Kojima also said that playing Twelve Minutes "kinda [made him] want to create another adventure game". Basically, Kojima can barely breathe without someone latching onto the notion he's about to surprise us all with something suitably out of the box.


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