Players Spot Hidden Detail In Resident Evil Village Ending

Players Spot Hidden Detail In Resident Evil Village Ending

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17th May 2021 11:26

Warning: Resident Evil Village spoilers ahead

The battlements of Castle Dimitrescu are unmanned, House Beneviento has been burned to the ground, Moreau's Reservoir drained, and the machines of Heisenberg's factory are shut down. All of this means you've probably rounded off Resident Evil Village and dealt with one of the craziest entries Capcom has ever delivered. With a dash of the iconic Resident Evil 4 and a healthy dose of Resident Evil 7's heart-pounding horror, Village was a gothic delight for the ages.

While there are criticisms things go off the boil in the second half, the game's ending and post-credit scene have left jaws on the floor. Fans are rightly asking where do we go next, and with the game's post-credit scene teasing a convenient time jump, we're guessing Rose Winters will be the MVP of the already confirmed Resident Evil 9. However, a hidden detail lurking in Village's final scene has teased that she won't be alone for long. 


What is the hidden Resident Evil village ending?

IGN has shared a video that cracks open the mystery of Resident Evil Village's mind-bending ending. The story concludes with Rose Winters visiting the grave of her father. Of course, we all know Ethan perished in one final act when the Megamycete mould and Mother Miranda are destroyed. With a crumbling Ethan succumbing to the virus' deterioration, he's left behind as Chris Redfield, Mia Winters, and baby Rose fly to safety and the nightmare realm is blown to pieces in typical Resiverse style.

In the far-flung future, Rose is under the watchful eye of an unnamed organisation and is escorted away by an agent that says, "You're a lot like him". Rose says, "I know", as the vehicle drives off into the distance. If you look close enough, a mysterious figure is seen walking toward the car. Using Resident Evil Village's photo mode, sleuths have zoomed in on the figure and worked out it's Ethan himself.

Although it was already implied Ethan could've somehow survived his death (again), IGN confirms the placeholder used for the mystery character is Ethan - even featuring his mould-ravaged hand. Even though Capcom used Ethan for the model, critics are quick to point out that doesn't mean much. The developer might've simply used the Ethan model instead of coming up with a whole new character, while others suggest it's the team's way of trolling us ahead of RE9


What does the hidden Resident Evil Village ending mean?

Unpacking everything we know, it looks like Rose could be under the employment of the Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance (BSAA). The main campaign ended with Chris setting a course for the shady organisation's European headquarters. We're guessing the future scenes could involve Chris taking over as the head of the BSAA, with Rose being an asset who is trained on how to use her powers.

As for Ethan, we've already seen Rose can control the mould. When threatened by the agent, she warned she has powers that even Chris doesn't know about. Does this mean she's somehow managed to bring daddy dearest back from the dead? One of Village's big reveals was that Ethan died all the way back in RE7 when Jack Baker punched him to death. It was only the Megamycete keeping him alive, and if Rose is connected to the parasite, there's a chance Ethan isn't gone forever. Then again, let's remember the credits specifically said "The Father's story is now done" - teasing that RE9 will be Rose's tale to tell. 

Ultimately, Resident Evil 9 is presumably a long way off. We know the game is set to round off a trilogy that started with RE7. Also, even though Capcom is yet to confirm it, there's a chance we could follow in the footsteps of RE7 and tell more stories with a series of DLCs that expand the lore ahead of the next main entry. Whatever is going on, the tempting tease that Ethan Winters will live to mould another day is good enough for us. 


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