Henry Cavill Teases Mass Effect Series

Henry Cavill Teases Mass Effect Series
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13th Dec 2021 16:04

Between Chris Pratt and Henry Cavill, we're not sure there will be any video game adaptation roles left in Hollywood. Following in the footsteps of The WitcherUnchartedThe Last of Us, and Halo, could Mass Effect be the next big-budget franchise to get the live-action treatment?

By now, we're sure you've all heard about the idea of a live-action Mass Effect series or movie. Cavill is a self-confessed fan of BioWare's franchise, and now, he's officially thrown his hat into the ring. 

What Has Henry Cavill Said About A Mass Effect Series?

The idea of Cavill suiting up as Commander John Shepard definitely suits his square jaw and rippling abs, but it's also one that refuses to go away. Putting the question to the man himself, GamesRadar asked Cavill if he'd be interested. 

"Very much so, yeah, all depending on how they’re executing it," said the Man of Steel star. Cavill is clearly a franchise fanatic, however, he had some stipulations if he was going to sign up: "The world of adaptation can be heavy or light. When I like a product, I prefer the adaptation to be less changed from the source, so it all depends."

"I think it’s found a home, hasn’t it? If [the series] finds a home, I would love to have a conversation." Despite his clear affinity with Mass Effect, Cavill admitted he's shied away from some of the series. "I did not play Andromeda – I had a go at it, but ended up being very busy," he concluded.

"But [The Mass Effect Trilogy]? Yeah. Loved it. Brilliant games," Cavill says, before adding, "It would make such a magnificent series of movies or TV shows."

Is Henry Cavill Already Part Of A Mass Effect Series?

All of this conveniently lines up with a tease earlier this year. In June, Cavill shared a shot of himself in the makeup chair for The Witcher - where he was reading a stack of papers. Sleuths deduced that it had something to do with Mass Effect, but since then, things have gone quiet. 

The last we heard, Amazon was reportedly circling a series that would go hand in hand with its massive announcement that The Lord of the Rings is coming to the platform. While gamers were over the moon, former BioWare writer David Gaider called the concept "cringe"

Of course, Cavill is pretty busy right now being locked in for a potential seven-season order of playing Geralt of Rivia in The Witcher. There are also those continued rumours he could suit up again as Superman for Warner Bros.' Worlds of DC. Still, we can think of no one better to play Shep - well, unless you want to get Jennifer Hale on board to play FemShep. 


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