Harry Potter Sandbox RPG In Minecraft Is An Impressive Build

Harry Potter Sandbox RPG In Minecraft Is An Impressive Build

Written by 

Jack Marsh


24th Dec 2020 18:50

Minecraft kingdoms are wonderful creations, and the world of Witchcraft and Wizardry is one of the most in-depths kingdoms ever created. Crossing over from the real-life areas like Kings Cross station, Harry Potter's story takes off through crossing Platform Nine and Three Quarters and boarding the Hogwarts Express, beginning your magical adventure. 

Harry Potter gaming has moved monumentally since the time of pixelated Hagrid, and now a whole community has created blockhead Hagrid in the most fantastic Minecraft world ever made. The world is far from Lestrange and is a completely Sirius community that is adumbledored by thousands of players.

"The Floo Network" has created everything that Wizarding World has to offer in Minecraft, from Hogwarts Castle, Hogsmead Village, The Burrow, and Diagon Alley. From every block, the attention to detail is spellbinding, and the fun doesn't stop with exploration. The developing community have turned the map into a full-blown Role Playing Game (RPG) where players can embark on their own enchanting experience through learning spells, tackling monsters, and undergoing otherworldly missions.

With crates offering exclusive potions and mythical perks, The Floo Network take Minecraft to a new level, and its RPG is being branded as the best world ever made. 

With the whole Harry Potter experience available, players will be sorted into their house from answering a series of questions from the Sorting Hat, before submerging into their own storyline that can be completed as a solo or with friends.

Currently, the world only runs on PC with versions updated further than Java Edition 1.16.3 and is free to download (donations are requested upon downloading).

Will you be brave enough to tackle the black formed Basilisk and bewitched skeletons or is the Great Hall feast more your style?


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Image via The Floo Network | Mojang

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