Halo Season 2 Predicted Release Date, Cast, Story, And More

Halo Season 2 Predicted Release Date, Cast, Story, And More
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7th Nov 2022 14:05

Paramount's live-action Halo series made one hell of a splash when it first landed, and not for particularly good reasons. The show's reveal came with fascination from long-term fans of the video game series, but was almost immediately decried for its flippancy.

As well as Pablo Schreiber's Master Chief removing his helmet, the writers let him get his rocks off and diverged from the narrative of the games by a wide, wide, margin. There was a lot of Halo drama but yet, it still found its fans. Now, those fans and the morbidly curious are wondering what's next, and exactly when to expect it. So, here's everything that we know about a potential Halo season 2.

Halo Season 2 Predicted Release Date

We can only make guesses as to when the second series of Halo will land, but at the very least, we know that it's definitely on the way.

Even before the first season was released, Paramount made it clear that a second season was coming and confirmed it via the official Halo site. Fret not, as Master Chief will be coming back for another round.

In September 2022, the Halo series Twitter account confirmed production on Season 2 got underway in Iceland. Additional photography is expected to take place in Budapest later in 2022. Halo fans are hoping for a 2023 release, which is probably a fair shout if the show has been shot - meaning that early-to-late 2023 is when to expect the show's return.

Halo Season 2 Cast

Halo Season 2 Predicted Release Date, Cast, Story, And More
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Of course, a Halo series will be little without Master Chief himself, so we'd be surprised to see the series go ahead without its lead Pablo Schreiber.

We'd also assume that the rest of the core cast for the show would be making their return, with Natascha McElhone as Catherine Halsey and Jennifer Taylor as Cortana being the most likely to come back after the Chief. Finally, Bookeen Woodbine is ready to suit back up as Soren-066.

In terms of newcomers, Collider confirmed Vampire Diaries' Joseph Morgan and No One Gets Out of Here Alive's Cristina Rodlo have joined the cast as incoming series regulars on Halo Season 2. 

Halo Season 2 Story

Halo Season 2 Predicted Release Date, Cast, Story, And More
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There's no telling where the Halo Season 2 story could go after season one came to a close, but in an interview before the show returned to filming, Schreiber himself hinted that it's going to be big.

"Hopefully, you know, you'll continue to see the world expand to greater and greater places as the world gets bigger and bigger," he told Radio Times. McElhone was quick to praise the direction for the new season, too, saying that "I've seen a couple of scripts, but I guess I'm just hoping that the season that we've planted for the characters that you've seen in season 1 will just continue to flourish, and we'll get deeper and darker into all of that."

As for the season finale where Cortana took control of Master Chief's body and Halsey escaped the USNC, these are sure to be major players alongside some others.  Speaking to Deadline, Executive Producer Kiki Wolfkill told Deadline: "I will say we love all three characters – the Master Chief, Soren, and Kwan – and they all have such an interesting dynamic together. To me, that's something that I would love to see more of."  While Halo purists are sure to continue shaking their angry placards, you better get used to this game-lite version of Master Chief. 

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