Halo Infinite Leaks Tease New Vehicle

Halo Infinite Leaks Tease New Vehicle

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Jack Marsh


29th Jan 2021 12:42

If you've forgotten, Halo Infinite is still in the works, despite previously being planned for a release that would coincide with the next-generation consoles. Although the Xbox Series X and S have now been out for over two months, no news regarding the release of Halo has yet to surface.

Commendably, Halo Infinite will likely be released in much better spirits than the likes of Cyberpunk 2077, whose time frames were squandered, leading to a rather unfinished title and a catastrophic launch. 343 Industries, on the other hand, will be better prepared whenever they decide to pull the trigger.

With very few whispers surfacing on when the Xbox exclusive sci-fi shooter will be released, leakers, and dataminers have begun to dig holes in other areas in an attempt to unearth some finer details. However, the developers have now decided to hide in plain sight, by revealing and teasing a range of features that are set to land. Speaking on "Inside Infinite", the team answered frequently asked questions and showed glimpses of some weapons in the works.

An assortment of weapons was on show, including the BR75, Linda-058's Nornfang, COS28 Bulldog, VK78 Commando, Hydra, MA40, and, of course, the Needler - Halo's signature submachine gun that pierces opponents with every razor-sharp injection. 

Interestingly, the developers concluded their segment with major hints towards a brand new vehicle, which is set to be a sort of mashup between two existing motors.

Lead Vehicle Designer, Brian Berryhill, stated "we are working on a new vehicle that is looking pretty hot. This new vehicle will sit nicely between the Warthog and the Scorpion in terms of power level so it should ignite some new discussions on what vehicle to take to a mission. We just got our initial concept which really lit a fire under the team to get it into flighting, so stay tuned!"

Adding to Berrywell's comments, QD said "One of my favourite sandbox items is a vehicle that we haven’t shown yet, but I’m sure I won’t be alone with my favouritism once we do reveal it to the community. This vehicle isn’t totally brand new, but it has received a fresh coat of paint while awaiting its triumphant return to Halo".

This new mysterious rover will do well to unseat the Warthog, one of gaming most prestigious and well-recognised vehicles. 

With the updates providing a light snack more hungry fans to munch on, they may be waiting a little longer for the main course with no date still on the cards for its release.


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Image via 343 Industries

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