Halo 4 developers hvae confirmed that the PC Beta test has been delayed.

12:15, 22 Oct 2020

Halo: The Master Chief Collection has blessed console users for three-quarters of a decade, debuting in 2012 on Xbox 360. The fourth instalment of the main storyline, and the seventh Halo overall, is currently in the works to be brought to PC, just as Halo 3 did last September. 

Looking to make a return to popularity, the game will be remastered especially for PC engines, boasting vastly improved graphics and movement mechanics. However, with its longly-anticipated arrival, the developers have hit a stumbling block ahead of the online beta test and subsequently have confirmed that it has been delayed.

343 Industries has confirmed that they have hit a "blocker", meaning that they have come across a bug within the game that prevents the game from "functioning as needed". The online beta, which was due to launch over this weekend, has now been pushed back without a date, although it is likely that the problem should be fixed within a week. 

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Halo's community manager, BrIan Jarrad, has stated "It’s a bit fluid and unpredictable as we prepare builds, do passes, validate, find and address issues, and repeat." when discussing the bug. He continued to say that, even though it is a trial run, that the goal is to "have a build candidate the team feels offers a worthwhile experience".

The extent of the bug, or even what it was, has not been revealed, however, it is apparent that it would have been detrimental to the experience, hence the delay. 


With the full release still set for 2020, despite Halo Infinite being delayed, players should be able to try out the remastered version next weekend, exclusive to PC.


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Image via 343 Industries

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