Following their transfer from Team Singularity, Guild Esports have signed noly and ThO, alongside Scrub Killa.

17:01, 23 Jul 2020

Guild Esports have made their anticipated plunge into Rocket League Esports, signing Ex-Singularity duo noly and ThO after their transfer yesterday, and former world champion, Scrub Killa. Gregan also joins the roster as coach.

Guild Esports, backed by David Beckham, previously hinted at their introduction to Rocket League Esports, and have now made their official announcement via their website.

Scrub Killa, noly, and ThO have been competing in the community tournaments in this off season, for Team Singularity, most recently at the Rocket Baguette's Summer Grand Prix where they were eliminated by FC Barcelona in 5th-6th place. This announcement also confirms their official roster for Rocket League Championship Series (RLCS) Season X.

On their official website, the RLCS Season 7 champion, Scrub Killa, had this to say about his new home:

"Well, we had a few offers but Guild really stood out to us: good first impressions and we think we can build something really exceptional together with them. Also, it will be super-exciting getting to work with David Beckham!"

Furthermore, ThO outlined their vision, stating "The goal is to win the World Championship. Nothing else matters. We want to win the biggest event in Rocket League. Along the way, we want to outperform in all of the minors and majors."

Alongside Beckham will be esports expert Carleton Curtis, as executive chairman. Carleton will join the business as an esports heavyweight and architect of the Overwatch and Call of Duty leagues, offering an experience of managing esports teams and players, to balance with Beckhams sporting influence.

Heading into arguably the most competitive RLCS season ever, it appears that Scrub Killa, noly and ThO have found the perfect platform for them to challenge Europes best.

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Image via Guild Esports

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