Eight years after its first release, one eagle-eyed GTA V player has finally cracked the police spawn secret that has bugged fans since 2013.

21:31, 07 Mar 2021

All these years after Grand Theft Auto V first released, you might think players have uncovered everything there is to uncover in the depths of San Andreas. However, some eight years after we were first pulled into the lives of Trevor, Michael, and Franklin, someone has finally cracked the GTA V police spawn secret.

Back in the day, was there anything more devastating than earning the five-star wanted rank? Effectively giving you a death sentence, earning the elusive rank was a one-way trip to the slammer as you knew the Los Santos PD were eventually going to close in.

Originally released on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in 2013, GTA V was another adrenaline-packed adventure from the twisted mind of Rockstar Games. Just like earlier entries, you had to navigate a crime-riddled city in a fictionalised part of America, climb the ranks of some shady organisation, and evade the police at the same time.

More than just a good way to practice your driving skills, GTA V made sure you had to keep your nose clean to avoid the police. Teaching us that crime doesn't pay, a five-star wanted level was the end of the road for us wannabe criminals. 


What is the GTA V spawn secret?

I found where they all come from from r/gtaonline

Posting on Reddit, u/JarodJB40 titled their post "I know where they all come from". For anyone who's ever played GTA V, they'll know this player is referring to the LSPD and where they magically come from. The reason a five-star wanted rank will always trap you is because the police infinitely spawn onto the map and close in. There's literally no escape. While we've often wondered where this mythical portal is, JarodJB40 has found it.

When happily motoring around GTA Online, JarodB40 finally did what no one else has been able to and found the squad spawn. For the past eight years, we've been left guessing where these infinite cops spawn from, with the game's AI usually disabling a portal point before we reach it. Some sort of glitch means they were able to track down the point of entry, which led to the hilarious scene of squad car after squad car pouring out of thin air. 

There may be complaints that NPCs in GTA V aren't the best, and we've all seen the odd incident of the police mowing down prostitutes and the elderly like the rest of us. With a pretty crude AI controlling the police, we've never been that fussed that they are a little shaky at their jobs. Seeing an infinite number of police spawn from a seemingly random point clearly stretches the game further than most, so we're not surprised the LSPD aren't the brightest of the bunch.


When it comes to the upcoming release of GTA 6, we've already been told to expect more advanced NPCs. A recent trademark hinted that Rockstar could debut more sophisticated NPCs that can handle the next-gen grunt of an even bigger San Andreas. We all love trying to escape the police in Grand Theft Auto, and there's nothing like the adrenaline buzz of when you ditch that last pursuit car and can get back to your joyriding ways. Although hot pursuits are set to continue being part of GTA, we're expecting GTA 6 will be a complete overhaul of the franchise, For now, at least we can sit back and watch the fuzz spawn in style as the net closes in.



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