A step by step guide on how to roleplay in GTA V.

19:30, 18 Dec 2020

Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V) is undoubtedly one of the most popular games of the decade. Rockstar North released the title in 2013, and later in April 2015 for PC. GTA V is the first game in the franchise with an online multiplayer mode, and with cross-platform accessibility making the game even more popular, where up to 30 players can join a single session, it has been extraordinarily successful and long-lived.

What is GTA V Roleplay?

The developers have allowed PC players to make their own mods with dedicated servers that the players can join and create a character of their own, which takes the form of NPCs instead of the main characters. You need to create your backstory, and as the name suggests, you have to play the role of your character. 

If you want to be a gangster of the city, keep playing your character and become a gangster, and if you’re going to be a car dealer, purchase a car showroom to become one.

Keep in mind that different servers have different sets of rules that you need to follow, or else the admins of the particular server have a right to ban you from the server.

GTA V Roleplay

How to Play GTA V roleplay?

Before you play GTA V roleplay, you need to make sure you have an original copy of GTA V with online services available, and in addition to this, your PC must be able to run the game.

Steps to play GTA V roleplay:

  1. You need to login to your Steam or Epic account and keep it running in the background.
  2. Download FiveM mod, if you haven’t already, from their official website here.
  3. After you download it, you will be asked to select your GTA V installation folder.
  4. After you select your GTA V folder, open FiveM again.
  5. Go to ‘Servers,’ and you will be able to see a list of servers. Join any of the public servers of your choice.

The whitelisted servers available are only meant for the people with access. If you also want to join one, you can apply to get whitelisted by filling out the forms given by the respected server admins. If you are eligible, they will allow you to play. It is advised to stick to one server only as long as you can, because you need to develop the character's story to make the roleplay experience more enjoyable.


One of the most important things you need to keep in mind while playing roleplay is not to do metagaming, which means you cannot use the information you have outside of the game. For example, you were supposed to meet your friend in-game, but someone killed him. Now, you might know about it in reality, but your in-game character is unaware of the situation, you cannot go and help your friend unless your in-game character receives any information regarding it.

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