GTA V Is Still Making Millions Of Dollars Every Day

GTA V Is Still Making Millions Of Dollars Every Day
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13th Aug 2021 14:41

It doesn’t even need to be said at this stage, but in case you’ve been living under a rock, here’s the catch-up - Grand Theft Auto V has made Rockstar Games a lot of money. Shocker, we know.

It’s GTA Online that’s done it, primarily - the huge multiplayer sandbox that is Los Santos has been awash with criminals and lords of the heist for many years now. Unlike most of its open-world counterparts, it’s had incredible longevity.

We knew the mode was a bit of a money mill, but the extent to which it’s funded Rockstar’s presence in the gaming industry has been hard to keep track of. But now we know exactly what the game made the company in the last year, and… phew. Rockstar doesn’t half deal in big numbers.

How much did GTA V make Rockstar last year?

GTA V Made Almost $1 Billion In 2020
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As is of no surprise to anyone, Grand Theft Auto V made an absolute mint in 2020. NetBet has conducted a study that has concluded that the game made a staggering $911 million last year.

This is a huge 53.11% increase over the money spent on GTA V and GTA Online in 2019, indicating that the pandemic had a huge impact on the game. There was a lot of confusion when it went to Game Pass this year, but it’s clear that even without pure game sales, GTA didn’t really need to make any big decisions based solely on finance.

When this number is broken down, it works out to $2.5 million every day, and $1,733 every single minute. Blimey.

Was 2020 GTA V’s biggest year?

GTA V Made Almost $1 Billion In 2020
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This huge number also marks a new milestone for the game, making 2020 the biggest fiscal year for GTA V's eight-year history. This is a pretty massive achievement, especially as the game first launched in 2013.

It isn’t likely to stop here, though - the big moneymaker of the year for Rockstar is set to be the enhanced edition of the gamer for the Xbox Series X|S and the PlayStation 5, rumoured to cost a whopping $79.99 at launch. Still, for many, the expected 4K 60fps for the upgrade will be well worth the price of admission.

GTA V is still the goldmine we expected it to be, and chances are, it’s not going to be slowing down any time soon. At least now we know it’s Rockstar to go to if we need to borrow a fiver.


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