The Xbox Game Pass just got a little better, with Microsoft finally adding Rockstar's GTA V back onto the subscription service.

11:05, 07 Apr 2021

Microsoft just gave us another reason to part with our cash for the Xbox Game Pass. Possibly the biggest game ever is back in action as Grand Theft Auto V finally returns to ballooning gaming subscription service. While most of us have presumably played GTA V by now, there couldn't be a better time to jump behind the wheel and go for a spin in Los Santos all over again. As GTA games go, are there any that do it as well as GTA V? We can hear Steven Ogg's vocals from here.

After a slow start back in the day, the Xbox Game Pass is proving to be the one-stop shop for players who want a dose of nostalgia. Following the acquisition of ZeniMax Media and Bethesda favourites including the Fallout and Elder Scrolls game making their mark on the Xbox Game Pass, Rockstar Games' 2013 record-breaker is here to reclaim its crown - with a major twist.


When is GTA V back on Xbox Game pass?

According to Xbox WireGTA V will be hitting the Xbox Game Pass on April 8. The game has the honour of being the highest-grossing entertainment product of all time, which might explain why its previous release for free on the Epic Games Store in May 2020 caused the service to crash. April 8 also includes the release of Zombie Army 4: Dead War, but expect that one to be buried alive by GTA V's lauded return.

Those who have a PlayStation 5 will know the PS Plus Collection offers some great titles, however, is still missing out on GTA V. As the race of the subscription services continues to heat up, Microsoft definitely looks like it's edging ahead of the competition. In 2020 alone, GTA V sold an insane 20 million units, meaning it outsold some major competition at this late stage of its life cycle. When it comes to Game Pass, there's the usual way of playing on Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S (via backward compatibility), but added to this, there's a twist that will technically bring GTA V to mobile for the first time ever.



What else does GTA V coming to Xbox Game Pass mean?

We previously mentioned a little something extra under the hood for when GTA V returns to Game Pass. The new and improved game will also offer xCloud support. This means players will be able to enjoy GTA V and the beloved GTA Online while on the move - without being shackled to consoles. To make the most of xCloud, you'll need to be subscribed to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, and although it's currently only available via Android, it's a massive coup for the game. Just imagine zooming around Los Santos and climbing the ranks of the mob while sat on your morning commute.

Microsoft confirmed that over 50 games will now support touch controls, meaning they'll play smoothly on your mobile. Yes, playing on the small screen of your Samsung Galaxy might not be ideal, but being able to take Sea of ThievesGears 5, and Telltale's The Walking Dead games on the go is a major win. Last September launched the first xCloud game with touch controls thanks to Minecraft Dungeons, and since then, the library has continued to grow. 


It's been nearly a year since GTA V was unceremoniously pulled from Game Pass and replaced by Red Dead Redemption 2. Even though Rockstar's wild west favourite is a legend in its own right, it's not quite GTA V. Why the latter has been restored to its former glory (and now) is unclear. However, with hopes that the next-gen version of GTA V is coming out later this year, this could be one of the last chances you have to play the title in its original form. Well, it is eight years old and could do with a bit of a tune up. 



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