GTA Boss Really Doesn’t Like Xbox Game Pass

GTA Boss Really Doesn’t Like Xbox Game Pass
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Joseph Kime


4th Aug 2021 14:35

The Xbox Game Pass has become one of the leading ways to get your gaming fix in the current gaming generation. The introduction of the streaming service has left other gaming companies crumbling to keep up, and so far, it’s proven to be one of the driving forces of sales for the Xbox Series X|S.

There’s no doubt that it’s been a huge success so far, pulling titles like Psychonauts 2 and Halo Infinite in as day-one titles, and there’s truly no limit to how busy the lineup could become. But as it turns out, one major figure in the gaming industry isn’t so convinced.

Take-Two CEO Doesn’t Want New Games On Game Pass

Take-Two CEO Doesn't Believe In Game Pass
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Even though the Game Pass has proven successful so far, CEO of Take-Two, the team behind Rockstar Games and 2K, isn’t yet assured that the system can be beneficial to newer titles. During the company’s earnings call, CEO Strauss Zelnick said: “We think a subscription model can make sense for deep catalog titles. But it doesn’t really make sense for frontline titles.

"For any business model to make sense in the entertainment business, it has to work for the creators of the entertainment as well as the consumers of the entertainment, I think catalog can make sense for the publishers, it can make sense for the consumers who are avid, who really want access to a lot of product.”

What Does This Mean For GTA On Game Pass?

Take-Two CEO Doesn't Believe In Game Pass
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We recently reported that GTA 5 would be leaving Xbox Game Pass, but this likely isn’t as a result of Zelnick’s reaction to the subscription service. The game has been in and out of the Pass a couple of times now, so there’s every chance it could still return - but what does this mean for new GTA titles? Or anything else by Take-Two, for that matter?

To be fair to the team, it wouldn’t make sense for GTA VI to debut on the Game Pass. Its predecessor was one of the biggest money-makers in the entire industry, arguably of the entire 21st century. And with games on next-gen consoles now jumping to $79.99, it’d be no surprise to see the next Grand Theft Auto shoot for the full-paying market. After all, is anyone not going to buy another game in the series? It’s a sure-thing for Take-Two, even though we’d love to see the game come to Game Pass eventually.

Zelnick might have a point about developers not getting the best output from their game’s debut on the Game Pass, but perhaps as the service grows this could change. Either way, we still love the Game Pass - and we hope Zelnick can forgive it. Bring GTA V back soon please, Take-Two.


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