Official Rockstar Job Listing Sparks GTA 6 'Setting' Rumours

Official Rockstar Job Listing Sparks GTA 6 'Setting' Rumours

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Tom Chapman


13th Apr 2021 08:21

Rockstar Games has shown there's still plenty of gas in the tank when it comes to the Grand Theft Auto series. It's baffling that it's been a whopping eight years since GTA V burned rubber into our lives and overtook the competition to become the highest-grossing entertainment project of all time. Even more shocking is that the fifth main series game is still making a tonne of money while we wait for even a whisper of GTA 6

With so much time passing between entries, the fanbase is ravenous for even a hint of what comes next. As well as the massive Project America's leak last year, there are rumours there will be a female protagonist for the first time ever, as well as a potential '80s setting with a return to Vice City. Now, a new job listing from Rockstar has thrown the cat among the pigeons with another potential twist to the tale.


What is the rumoured GTA 6 setting?

As spotted by Dexerto, Rockstar is hiring for a "Mixed Media Animator". Although the listing doesn't directly mention GTA 6 in its description, there are no other Rockstar titles on the horizon (despite our hopes of Bully 2). However, it's also important to remember the developer hasn't officially announced GTA 6 yet. Diving deeper, there's a mention of someone who “[creates] content for In-game media for our game world to make immersive experiences", can "work as a global animation team to provide believable experience to players", and "work on multiple platforms to create multiple styles of content for In-game Media". The big takeaway here is the mention of in-game media.

Even though we'd love the idea of returning to the Flock of Seagulls haircuts, Super Mario Bros., and The Lost Boys of the '80s, the mention of "in-game media" teases a continuation of the modern setting. Namely, fans think in-game media refers to the various TV shows and social networking sites like Lifeinvader. If this is the case, it means GTA 6 would most likely be an official sequel to GTA V.  


Will GTA 6 return to a modern setting?

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City was set in the year 1986 and quickly became a fan-favourite of the franchise. There have been swirling rumours that GTA 6 will return to the pastels of the era, however, the job listing seemingly moves away from that idea. Of course, there's a chance GTA 6 can still capitalise on the idea of Vice City by jumping forward to the '90s or noughties. Those of us who are old enough will remember installing that famous AOL disc and hearing the whirring of the dial-up tone. Others have suggested the story will take a leaf out of Red Dead Redemption II's book and hop between time periods.

Ultimately, there's no concrete evidence that Rockstar is even working on GTA 6 and we're left adrift in a sea of rumours. Despite all of this, players were convinced they spotted a nod to the mythical title in the GTA Online "Cayo Perico Heist" trailer. With other tipsters also claiming the game will be set in 1970s Miami, no one's really sure what's going on.

Some think Rockstar will wait until the GTA V 10th anniversary to announce the next game, but even if that is the case, expect recruitment to be well underway. Rockstar is clearly playing the long con with this one, and while job listings are all well and good, they still get us no closer to figuring out what's actually going on.


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