GTA 6 Rumours Claim It's In Development Hell

GTA 6 Rumours Claim It's In Development Hell
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Tom Chapman


1st Nov 2021 11:55

Oh dear, it sounds like there are some Rockstar rumblings, as the acclaimed developer is reportedly struggling to get Grand Theft Auto 6 off the ground. While we're hunting for even the smallest Easter egg about what to expect from the next GTA, the latest GTA 6 rumours claim the game is in disarray.

No one is really sure what's going on with GTA 6 right now, with rumours ranging from a full Vice City sequel to a modern setting, the long-rumoured Project Americas to a trip overseas. There are hopes the GTA Trilogy or continued GTA Online updates could include references to the next chapter, but for now, Rockstar's job page is the best place to look for official clues.

What Do The GTA 6 Rumours Suggest?

Firstly, we need to remember Rockstar itself hasn't even acknowledged the existence of GTA 6. It's already been eight years since GTA V released, and while the GTA Trilogy has managed to divert some of our attention away, there's a growing army of angry fans that want to know more about the franchise's future.

The problem is, as long as GTA V and GTA Online keep pulling in the money, Rockstar is likely to keep milking before it moves onto something new. That could be the least of our worries, with a report from Rockstar Mag (via NeoGAF) claiming GTA 6 is lost in development hell. Chris Klippel says that the departure of former Vice President Dan Houser led to the company restarting development on GTA 6

There are also rumours that GTA 6 was originally set to launch in 2020. Obviously, that didn't come to pass. Now, GTA 6 is billed as "most chaotic project that Rockstar ever developed". Whatever is going on, even those annoying whispers that the game won't release until 2025 sound like they're a long shot.

Is GTA 6 Really In Development Hell?

Klippel has a proven track record with GTA rumours, so there could be more to this. Then again, it's unclear where these "leaks" have come from. Worryingly, there are reports the GTA 6 story was already changed before Houser even left - with it changing again since. All of the above has been backed up by Rockstar Dundee employee Davy Felipe.

On the plus side, there are rumours GTA 6 will take place in two time periods, which backs up several ideas we've heard before. Klippel claims to have seen the map (albeit a snippet), but with two time periods, the world is Rockstar's oyster. Finally, Rockstar is apparently aiming for something more "mainstream" for GTA 6. Whatever is going on, it's not exactly looking good for GTA 6 right now.


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