GTA 6 Is Apparently Going To Be Set In Rio de Janeiro

GTA 6 Is Apparently Going To Be Set In Rio de Janeiro

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Jack Marsh


28th May 2021 15:28

Although we may not be getting Grand Theft Auto VI for a few years, Rockstar Games' franchise that often throws rules out of the window has accidentally let a few leaks slip through the same cracked glass.

Previous leaks suggest that the GTA VI map might whisk us back to the 1980s, and whilst very few details have actually been spared, fans now believe they have cracked where the map might be located. Various images had previously made the rounds on social media which showcases the proposed map for the unannounced title, and Reddit users now predict that the GTA VI map will be set, in some part at least, in Rio De Janeiro.

GTA VI Set In Rio De Janiero

Reddit user "Boastful_Clown" has identified areas of the proposed GTA VI map to having many significant similarities to the Brazilian city.

Landscapes such as the Lagoa de Jacarepaguá lake in the south of Rio show a resemblance to the one shown on the map, whilst the town of Galeao also resembles the isles found on the coast of the GTA VI snippet. 

Other landmarks such as the site of Christ the Redeemer also look similar to parts of the expected GTA VI map, hinting at the famous city being added to the game - their history in the narcotic and pyrotechnic industries certainly fit in with the general GTA theme, anyway.

GTA VI Map Setting

Despite the speculation behind Rio De Janeiro, most theorists predict that the map will include many of the previous maps, including the likes of Vice City. Most players are now expecting that GTA VI will be a collaboration of all the previously seen location, with the possible addition of another region where the main quest will play out. This theory could mean that we could be getting Vice City, Los Santos, Rio De Janeiro and more.

GTA VI might not be coming for some time, but when it does, it could be the biggest title yet.


Image via Rockstar Games

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