GTA 6 Insiders Claim It’s Complete, Ready For Testing

GTA 6 Insiders Claim It’s Complete, Ready For Testing
Rockstar Games

Written by 

Tom Chapman


2nd Feb 2023 12:46

We hope you've ironed your Hawaiian shirt because Vice City is calling. Although Rockstar Games is keeping us in the dark when it comes to Grand Theft Auto 6, insiders claim it's just around the corner. 

While the GTA name has been ticking along nicely since GTA V was released in 2013 - becoming the most profitable entertainment product of all time - players are getting increasingly impatient when waiting for what comes next.

What's The Latest GTA 6 Release Rumour?

As always, any information from a supposed GTA "insider" should be taken with a mountainous pinch of salt. Still, noted leaker Tez2 has a pretty solid track record when wading through the sea of GTA fakes.

With the years ticking by, the question on everyone's lips is about the mythical GTA 6 release date. posting on the GTA Forums, Tez2 claims to have found files referring to "bankrelease," "debug," and "beta." This has led to speculation Rockstar is in the polishing stage.

Twitter account GTA 6 News and Leaks 2.0 collated the musings of Tez2 and other leakers, with one developer saying they believe the next entry is fully finished, but Rockstar is waiting for the signal to roll out its marketing might. 

If this is the case, it could catapult GTA 6 forward from whispers it won't release until 2025 or 2026. This comes after the game's first trailer reportedly started doing the rounds online. 

We previously reported that GTA 6 was being accelerated for early release, but we'll admit these kind of developments seem to be happening a lot sooner than expected.

What Do We Know About GTA 6?

Even though some of that colossal Project Americas leak from years ago was debunked, a massive data leak from last year confirmed several details of what's on the way.

Alongside a brother and sister protagonist, there's the long-rumoured return to Vice City. It looks like we're getting a modernised version of the neon-splashed city, although flashbacks could help fill in some gaps in Tommy Vercetti's story. 

Rockstar came down hard on leaks and reiterated footage seen came from an earlier build of the game, but thankfully, it isn't expected to affect development. We were rightly warned not to expect any updates in the rest of 2022. 

Now we're in 2023, we're no closer to official word from Rockstar or parent company Take-Two Interactive. If you want a date to mark in your diary, remember a Take-Two investor's call is scheduled for February 6 and something could be announced just before or just after.

Come on, we want to be sipping piña coladas and running our criminal empire from the comfort of Vice City Beach. 

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