GTA 6 Insider Calls The Game 'Disappointing'

GTA 6 Insider Calls The Game 'Disappointing'
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Tom Chapman


13th Dec 2021 15:11

Cyberpunk 2077Battfield 2042Call of Duty: Vanguard. All AAA titles that fell under the weight of their own ego. Now, is it Grand Theft Auto's turn to suffer the same fate thanks to an overinflated sense of importance? Surely not?

It's been eight years (and counting) since we raced into Los Santos for GTA V, and while Rockstar is shuttering the GTA Online servers for PS3 and Xbox 360, the recent Dr. Dre-filled update to the online multiplayer shows Rockstar has no plans in moving on just yet. 

What's Going On With GTA 6?

Frequent Rockstar insider AccNGT posted on Twitter and said, "Some people don't realize how chaotic the development is". We don't know whether "some people" is fans, devs, or those higher up, but either way, it's not exactly news that GTA 6 is ready to race out of the garage in 2022.

Worryingly, this isn't the first time we've heard the word chaotic and GTA 6 used in the same sentence. The second of AccNGT's notes said that some aspects will lead to "disappointment." Even though this thankfully isn't aimed at graphics, it could be something even worse if story is involved.

Finally, we're warned that if GTA 6 is announced in the next few weeks or at the start of 2022, we should "really be worried." Responding to the potentially sensationalist news, one critic asked, "So is the story good or dogsh*t" - saying that the first game without former boss Dan Houser at the helm could be very different. 

Is It As Bad As It Looks For GTA 6?

Just months after we heard GTA 6 was a dumpster fire that had to start from scratch, there are more words of worry that paint a grim picture of what's going on behind the scenes. You might remember that Rockstar was dragged over the coals for the crunch of Red Dead Redemption 2, which many had guessed why it was taking its sweet time on GTA 6.

Looking closer, there might be more to the story. In 2020, Rockstar executive Jennifer Kolbe sent out an email to staff and promised big cultural changes - including a lighter workload and listening to employee feedback. Still, it sounds like Rockstar could be in a lose-lose situation. 

As for the latest rumbles of discontent, someone else said, "What I don't get though is, who is even expecting a GTA 6 announcement early next year? I don't see this being announced until way after GTA 5 remaster. That being said, wtf is happening man. The wait for their games has become bad enough as it is, but now this too?"

The previous whisper of woes was debunked by its own source, but given what we saw with the GTA Remastered Trilogy - and things going quiet on the Expanded & Enhanced edition of GTA V - things might not be rocking at Rockstar. Old habits die hard, but we're hoping that Rockstar isn't slipping back into a worrying cycle of delays and reports of a toxic working environment. 


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