In weight, not money.

14:29, 21 Jan 2021

What would win in a fight, a 987 pound Xbox fridge freezer, or a crate load of normal-sized PlayStations combing to 987 pounds?

We first saw the Xbox fridge freezer be made as the Microsoft owned companies next-generation console was gimmicked to look like the typical kitchen appliance with its elongated height in a cuboid shape.

Now, the real war of the wires is on, as Goodwill is selling a whopping 987lbs crate consisting of nothing but retro PlayStation consoles, ranging from the second to fourth generations in various models. On the surface, multiple Playstation 2s, 3s, and 4s can be seen, although there could be other consoles underneath the sheets. Who knows what you may find towards the bottom? Handheld PSPs? Old-school PlayStations 1s? Although we doubt there will be a secret surprise of the PS5 tucked away for the price of $800, there may be some hidden gems.

You Can Buy A 912lb Box Of PlayStation Consoles
You Can Buy A 912lb Box Of PlayStation Consoles

Goodwill also has a puzzle for the most brave-hearted gamers up for sale for $1,500, which has had 31 bids placed on it so far. The 678lbs box of controllers and gaming wires boasts everything from Game Cube handhelds to Nintendo Wii driving wheels and even the state-of-the-art Scuf Xbox controllers. The owner of this may come across some real nostalgia blasts, only if they can get them untangled, though.

With over two decades worth of gaming history crammed into one large box, the old-school consoles could be worth a fortune in years to come, as they dwindle out of peoples memories and become a collector's item.


Should the wires and consoles rise against the fridge freezer depicting Sony versus Microsoft, only then will we be able to draw a viable conclusion to which developer is superior. That would make Box Office.


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Image via Goodwill

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