God Of War Has Sold An Eye-Watering 20 Million Copies

God Of War Has Sold An Eye-Watering 20 Million Copies

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Tarran Stockton


22nd Oct 2021 12:12

The recent God of War reboot has been one of the PlayStation 4’s biggest successes critically and commercially (even earning the title as the best game of all time), and it is just about to hit 20 million copies sold to become the platform's best-selling title.

How Many Copies Has God of War Sold?

Santa Monica Studio’s Community Manager Grace Orlady announced the title’s success in a blog post which can be read here. She starts the post mentioning the upcoming God of War PC port before stating "As of August 2021, 19.5MM copies of God of War on PlayStation 4 have been sold, and we can’t wait to share that experience with a whole new group of players on PC."

Orlady does state this number is the total amount sold to consumers, so the number that have been shipped to retailers will stand slightly higher. Due to its huge commercial success, God of War has become the highest-selling first party title for the PS4. This means it has beaten out other huge Sony successes like Marvel’s Spider-Man, Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, and Horizon Zero Dawn, which have all sold at least 10 million copies based on Sony’s past reports. 

With the PC launch around the corner, the title is sure to hit that 20 million sales target soon, and become another success for Sony as they enter new territory. In the blog post, Orlady also continues on to talk about some of the features for the upcoming PC version.

What Will The God Of War PC Version Be Like?

Anyone who plays on PC, or knows a PC gamer, will know how much we enjoy tinkering with our games through robust options menus. So it’s good news that the blog post also mentions the kind of customisation and options that will be available.

"Our PC version includes a wide range of graphical presets and options, so you can fine-tune your visual experience based on your setup. From higher resolution shadows and improved screen space reflections to enhancements to the ambient occlusion pipeline with GTAO and SSDO – God of War on the PC can create striking visual quality unique to the platform," Orlady states in the post.

She also goes on to report that they partnered with NVIDIA to fully implement DLSS and RTX, along with the NVIDIA Reflex low latency technology for a more responsive experience. There will also be ultra-widescreen support (something Microsoft are going big on for the Halo Infinite PC version) and "robust controller support and keyboard mapping customisation" so players can try the game in their preferred way.

Lastly, they announce some extra content for those who purchase the PC version:

  • Death’s Vow Armor Sets for Kratos and Atreus
  • Exile’s Guardian Shield Skin
  • Buckler of the Forge Shield Skin
  • Shining Elven Soul Shield Skin
  • Dökkenshieldr Shield Skin

It sounds like God of War for PC is shaping up to be a fully fleshed-out and robust experience, and we’re even more excited about the January 14 release date now.


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