God Of War Fans Want Atreus And Kratos To Go Back To Greece

God Of War Fans Want Atreus And Kratos To Go Back To Greece
Sony Santa Monica

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Tom Chapman


9th Nov 2021 13:11

The writing's on the wall, as Sony Santa Monica teases this could be the end of the road for the Ghost of Sparta. Despite the studio finding new success with 2018's God of War reboot, those at the top have confirmed the upcoming God of War: Ragnarok won't lead into a third game.

Some are worried this could be it for the Ghost of Sparta, but in a world where anything can happen, others are championing a pseudo reset that takes Kratos back to the realms of Greek mythology. With Atreus also along for the ride, gamers are pitching a time travel adventure that whisks the dynamic duo to Ancient Greece. 

Why Do God Of War Fans Want Atreus And Kratos To Go Back To Greece?

There are two distinct eras for God of War, with the Greek Saga taking place in the games from 2005's OG through to God of War: Ascension in 2013. The Norse Saga has (so far) only taken place in 2018's God of War and next year's Ragnarok, as SSM teases there might not be a third game set in this winter wonderland. We doubt God of War is out for the count, but instead of moving forward, what if we go back?

Posting on Reddit, u/Buffybumcheeks has posted artwork that shows Atreus and Kratos going back to God of War III's shocking events. Considering the 2010 game is held by many as the pinnacle of the franchise, returning to God of War III with Atreus in tow is a tempting concept.

With the power of the gods at the game's disposal, there are any number of ways Atreus and Kratos could visit Greece. Whether time travel or Odin using manipulation to conjure up the ghosts of his past, there's a lot of scope.

Where Should God Of War Go Next?

Namely, many would like to see how Kratos made the journey from Greece to his current locale of Norse mythology. Some of this was covered in a Dark Horse prequel comic series to accompany 2018's game, but there's no denying there are some serious gaps in the story. 

God of War III left things on a massive cliffhanger, and given its fan-favourite status, just imagine what could be done by picking up those dangling plot threads. Not everyone was convinced though. One critic wrote, "we may see a piece of Greece like we saw Zeus in Helheim, but actually travelling to Greece itself seems unlikely to happen at all. They wrapped that story up, anymore references to Greece would only serve as exposition or character development."

Someone else said, "Low, but not truly impossible. I’d be insanely cool for us to go back and have boi see all of it, but realistically I do not see it happening. I am welcome to be surprised though". A third concluded, "That would be awesome! But I would honestly be satisfied if there was some kind of interaction (even in "ilusion form") between young pissed-off Kratos and old wise Kratos!" 

Even if Kratos kicks the bucket, we don't see Sony Santa Monica abandoning the franchise. God of War could be put on ice for a while, but it won't be forever. There's a lot in the idea of Atreus and Kratos revisiting Greek mythology in the way, but to be honest, we'd be happy with a secret boss battle where bearded Kratos gets to fight his janky self from the days of the PS3.


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