God Of War Fans Baffled By Original Trilogy Plot Hole

God Of War Fans Baffled By Original Trilogy Plot Hole
Sony Santa Monica

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Tom Chapman


21st Dec 2021 13:44

God of War fans are dying to "axe" Sony Santa Monica a question, as a potential plot hole from the original trilogy has gone viral on Reddit. While we've long since left the scorched plains of Ancient Greece behind, the weight of Kratos' troubled past still stands on those broad shoulders.

First released in 2005, God of War followed Kratos as the Ghost of Sparta. Across three games, we saw him best the gods of Olympus and head out on a mission of vengeance against Zeus - who just so happened to be his father. Jump forward to 2018's God of War and there are more daddy issues, but this time, it's between Kratos and his own son, Atreus.

What Is The God Of War Plot Hole?

As we sit and twiddle our thumbs while waiting for God of War Ragnarok to release in 2022, redditor u/omidhhh asked that if Zeus has been confined to the depths of Hell, why has he not simply escaped as Kratos did? As the overlord of Olympus, it should be relatively easy to escape the Underworld. 

The Underworld was featured prominently in the OG God of War trilogy, and after the death of Hades at Kratos' hands, souls were left wondering this desolate place without being judged. The question remains - did Hades, Zeus, and the other gods that were killed go here, to some sort of God Hell, or simply cease to exist?

The most popular comment on the thread reads, "This is just a theory but hear me out. I don't think Gods go to heaven or hell or whatever, they just don't exist anynore. 'Afterlife' is a gift for the mortal human beings and the only reason Kratos ends up in hell everytime is because of his mortal heritage."

It's true that Kratos' demigod status means he possesses both the powers of mortals and gods. Then again, even the strongest mortal in the world isn't supposed to be able to escape the Underworld. 

Are There More Holes In This Plot Hole?

The idea of gods being cast into nothingness due to their deity status is a pretty solid theory, and one that players think could come into play in God of War Ragnarok, so Odin and Thor had better watch out. Then again, some questioned what about Athena? She was shown to live on after her "death". 

A possible counterargument comes from a gamer that wrote, "There's a theory she accented to a higher plane of existence when she selflessly sacrificed herself for Zeus." Someone else added, "I always chalked it to 'I ascended to a higher level of being and realized I was wrong. But only I can fix it now' bullsh*t you see a lot in books or movies. Basically that she came back when no other 'full' god has made her special."

We briefly saw Zeus when Kratos was plagued by visions of him in Helheim, and with God of War players calling for a twist to revisit the story of Kratos' Greek days, who knows what Ragnarok has in store? Kratos has warned Atreus that the cycle of gods killing their fathers doesn't define their futures, but we're not so sure about that one!


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