God Of War Director Trolls Fans Amidst Release Delay Rumours

God Of War Director Trolls Fans Amidst Release Delay Rumours
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Tom Chapman


15th Jun 2022 15:19

When things are as fraught as they are, maybe now's not the time to start making jokes about a God of War Ragnarok delay. The snow-covered sequel to 2018's God of War was originally supposed to release last year, and while Sony Santa Monica (SSM) has continued to promise it's coming in 2022, rumours about a Ragnarok 2023 release date are still doing the rounds.

After SSM seemingly rounded off Kratos' story in 2010's God of War III, we got a whole new mythology to play with eight years later. Picking up with this bald brute in a beefier and bearded form, we also saw Kratos' softer side thanks to the addition of his son, Atreus. 2018's God of War has been crowned the best game of all time by some, so all eyes are on Ragnarok to raise the bar.

Is God Of War Ragnarok Being Delayed?

Posting on Twitter, Twisted Metal and original God of War director David Jaffe waded into the delay rumours and said "50/50 at this point," about the rumours he'd heard. The former GoW golden boy concluded, "Man, when are they gonna announce that date?!" This caught the attention of Cory Barlog, who decided to have a little fun.

Although Barlog has stepped aside for Eric Williams to take over as Game Director on Ragnarok, he steered the ship of the 2018 game. Mocking Jaffe and those who keep spreading the rumours of a 2023 release for the concluding chapter of the franchise's Norse mythology. Barlog wrote, "wait, what?" alongside a gif of Kratos in the shadows. Further rattling the game's impatient fan base, he followed it with a gif of the Ryan Reynolds smiling meme.

While it's all fun and games from Barlog, there's no escaping the fact that a growing number of irate gamers are ready to pick up their Leviathan axes and head to Ragnarok HQ to chop down the doors. It's also odd that this is Barlog's first tweet in months, with one fan writing, "Wtf no way is it him?????" The legend returns, and if Barlog is back on Twitter, does that mean Ragnarok is finally done?


When Will We Know The God Of War Ragnarok Release?

God of War Ragnarok Release Date
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God of War Ragnarok was noticeably absent from Summer Game Fest - which has only led to further worries it's about to be given the boot until next year. If it does, it will be a massive shame. Games like Starfield and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 have already been moved to next year, so the rest of 2022 was free for Ragnarok to topple Elden Ring from its throne as the year's biggest release.

It's hard to keep track of where all these rumours and reports are up to, but according to Bloomberg, November could be one to watch. Giving us some glimmer of hope, the outlet claims Sony is gearing up to announce the God of War Ragnarok release date later this month. Does this also mean we'll be getting another Sony showcase? We've heard a September release thrown around a lot, and while November adds to an agonising wait, at least it still fits that 2022 window. 

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