Giant Kirby Plush Gives Players Sweet Dreams In Dream Land

Giant Kirby Plush Gives Players Sweet Dreams In Dream Land

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7th Feb 2021 17:31

If you want to head off to a pink paradise, one Japanese company is officially selling a giant Kirby plus to remember that puffy bundle of fun. Since 1992, this pink powerhouse has been the lead of the Kirby games. Giant plushies are all the rage these days, and if Pokemon doesn't take your fancy, why not snuggle down in style with Kirby? 

Starting with Kirby's Dream Land, we've seen Kirby bob around the screen and devour his enemies while maintaining that cute facade. Branching out from his own games, we've also seen Kirby make his mark on the wider world of Nintendo with the likes of the Smash Bros. games. He most recently appeared in 2020's Kirby Fighters 2 on the Nintendo Switch, and while Kirby isn't up there with big Nintendo names like Mario or Link, he's still an instantly recognisable part of the gaming giant's world. 

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Where can you buy the giant Kirby plush?

Takara Tomy! is selling the giant Kirby plush, with pre-orders currently being accepted. Siliconera reports that they're being sold for 11,000 yen, which works out at about £77/$105. Even though not exactly cheap, you get plenty of Kirby for your buck. There have been plenty of Kirby plushes over the years, but this one has a unique look with its snoozing eyes. If the massive Kirby doesn't take your fancy, Takara Tomy! is also selling them in two smaller sizes. If you fancy splashing the cash, you could buy all three.

The obvious winner is the big Kirby that measures W60 cm x H38 cm x D80 cm Pre-orders are live now until February 28 or they're sold out. The giant Kirby plush isn't just a huge pillow, you can use him as a laptop table, to warm your lap, or snuggle up with for those lonely nights. We might be heading toward the summer months, but with orders not expected to ship until June, at least you'll have him in time for winter. 


Is there more than the giant Kirby plush?

The giant Kirby plush follows in the footsteps of a Kirby pillow you can stick your head in. Only recently, we covered also covered a giant Gengar bed from Premium Bandai. With a massive tongue that rolls out to five-and-a-half feet long, the bed had the competition "licked". Pokemon plushies are huge around the world, however, Japan arguably does it best. Unfortunately, there's no news on whether the giant Kirby plush will be available for delivery in other countries.

For those who can't get enough of Kirby's adorable appearance, co-creator HAL Laboratory teased 2021 will be packed with puffy Kirby merchandise. Director Yumi Todo explained, "We’ll keep working hard on our goal in 2021. That is, for as many people as possible to enjoy Kirby [games]. We have plans not only for games but also for merchandise, books, and a variety of events like with the Kirby Café. We hope you’ll continue to support both Kirby and HAL Laboratory in 2021". We don't know when he'll next pop up in video game form, but either way, it's great news for Kirby fans.


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