Epic Games' Donald Mustard seemingly hints that a G.I. Joe collaboration and Snake Eyes crossover could be coming soon to Fortnite.

11:02, 26 Oct 2020

While most of us are still enjoying the Marvel-packed Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4, there are hints of what's on the way in the future with a possible G.I. Joe collaboration. Although we're not expecting a full-blown G.I. Joe crossover on a par with the Marvel season, it's easy to imagine a skin bundle.

In the past, we've seen Stranger ThingsStar Wars: Squadrons, and John Wick appear in-game, while there's an upcoming "Last Laugh" bundle that will bring Poison Ivy and the Joker to the map in November.

Now, Creative Director Donald Mustard has hinted at the future of Fortnite in his latest interviews. Speaking during Marvel’s "This Week In Marvel" podcast, Mustard confirmed Season 4 won't be the last time the battle royale brawler will cross over with the wide world of the Marvel Multiverse, meaning you can expect Wolverine to pop out his adamantium claws at some point in the future.

However, an interview with gaming journalist Geoff Keighley has caught everyone's attention thanks to a few conveniently placed items in Mustard's office sparking an interest in future projects. 


Is G.I. Joe coming to Fortnite?

As noted by Dexerto, Mustard's cryptic comments have started doing the rounds on social media. After he was interviewed by Keighley, Mustard tweeted, "That was SO fun and SO inspiring! Super cool to hang out with a bunch of awesome people who all LOVE the art of games! Trying to count how many clues to future stuff I’ve hidden into the background of my ‘wfh’ space…". 


There were pretty standard items knocking around like an exercise bike, but over on Reddit, some think the clever placement of a G.I. Joe figuring could be a big ol' clue. Looking closely, there's a Snake Eyes figurine. It's just a small nod, but with Mustard telling everyone to hunt for clues, we could be onto something here.

For those who don't know who Snake Eyes is, he's one of the biggest additions to the G.I. Joe line-up and one of the original team members. In popular culture, he's appeared in animation and both of the maligned live-action movies. Added to this, Crazy Rich Asians' Henry Golding is set to play the character in 2021's Snake Eyes movie.



Is a Star Trek collaboration on the way?


Another popular theory is that we could soon be reaching for the stars with a Star Trek crossover. One of the movie posters in the background is for Star Trek: Into Darkness, hinting we'll be boarding the Enterprise. There's no escaping the popularity of Star Trek and the growing fanbase of Trekkies who'd love to suit up as Red Shirts and get blown to pieces in Fortnite


Alongside our love of the Shatner-led Original Series and Patrick Stewart playing Captain Jean-Luc Picard for The Next Generation, there was also J.J. Abrams' wildly successful movie reboot that kicked off with 2009's Star Trek and led to Into Darkness as a sequel in 2013.

Alongside rumours of everything from a fourth movie to a Quentin Tarantino outing, and added to this, there are the likes of Star Trek: Discovery and Picard keeping the Trekverse alive on the small screen.

A G.I. Joe collab is easy to imagine as a small-scale crossover, while a much bigger Star Trek season is also easy to picture. Whatever Mustard is working on, expect the internet to keep diving into his WFH space to look for even the smallest clue. Before we get to what's next, we still need to round off Season 4 and the imminent arrival of Galactus as the big bad. Who knows, maybe Snake Eyes will drop by to take him out?


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